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  1. I like nod32 a lot but you guys every once in awhile sh1t it so hard, that is frustrating and then just say "we can't do anything", when its literally on your side the issue. You literally had something that was working, broke it, and are like "oh we don't care about it, just use something else". I just hope I won't have to take the same action I had to do before and move away from nod32 again, hopefully there will be a fix for this issue in the couple next days, if not oh well time to look for a new AV again... Thanks anyway.
  2. I've sent the procmon logs privately to you Marcos, for anyone else trying to test what is going on, here is a way to reproduce my current issue: By going to the game website www.priston.com.br then hover over "BAIXAR AGORA!" and then you should get a torrent option to download the game "client completo via torrent" Once I click it it will deadlock and hang firefox, until the download popup asking if I want to save or open the file with an application shows up. I don't even need to open torrent or download the file, to get this issue. Simple clicking the torrent link i
  3. After the modules update Today, it now only hangs with torrent files every other file now work as expected. Detection Engine: 20274P (20191031) Rapid Response module: 15165P (20191031) Will update with logs in a few...
  4. Will post an update as soon as I get home with the logs.
  5. Yes, that stops firefox from having deadlock and lets me use the taskbar as intended, while its not desired to have it turned off, its something that started happening with recent update that was not happening before. No, that didn't help.
  6. I don't know how the rollback works but before going pre-release I had a drop down that would let me choose 12hours, 24 hours, etc and that would be enough to re-roll the update of these 2 modules if that is what the rollback would have done, thus temporally fixing my current issue, since it started happening only after I've received that update. Regular modules: Detection Engine: 20266 (20191030) Rapid Response module: 15157 (20191030) Pre-release modules: Detection Engine: 20269P (20191030) Rapid Response module: 15160P (20191030) Still causing the issue in both mode
  7. I had a rollback before using pre-release like you told me to, after going pre-release and back to regular I no longer have the option to rollback 24 hours like I had the option, which would have solved my issue temporally at least, if rollback does what I think it does. I just hope I won't have to move to another antivirus until I see a fix from eset like I had to last time... very frustrating.
  8. pre-release updates did not help, it mainly happens with firefox when I have anything set to open after download for example a PDF, or Image or anything else. Will try to use the rollback feature. never mind after going pre-release I no longer have the option to rollback great now im royal screwed...
  9. After Today's update where 2 modules were updated, nod 32 antivirus is making my PC hang in a lot of actions like using the taskbar or firefox. Would there be a way to revert this last update temporally until the issue is fixed? As far as I remember it was only 2 modules that were updated Today 30, Oct. Detection Engine: 20266 (20191030) Rapid Response module: 15157 (20191030) After these 2 were updated my life became hell.
  10. Sorry on the delay. I use windows 7, was hoping to change to 10 but not stable enough yet. If you guys need to run tests you can download the bank application here: https://www14.bancobrasil.com.br/diagnostico/DiagnosticoBB.exe I would rather not test it further since I am on tight deadlines at the moment so I had to split using my cellphone for bank operations while having it uninstalled from any of my computers for now. Was planning to test again before my subscription runs out. Unhappily GAS Tecnologia the company responsible for the app never replied as to whether they
  11. As an update, ESET took the trouble to analyze the dump I've sent them, where they identified that the application of a big bank from my region was causing the issue. They also offered to help them by giving out the information to the related issue and further in how to even fix it. I have forwarded the bank development sector contact to ESET and have received today a message from the development sector saying that they have received ESET's information and are working together to solve the issue. I appreciate ESET efforts and am looking forward to see this problem resolved. Best re
  12. I am sorry but I do take that as offensive, when you claim things you don't know simple to stand out thinking you have a lot of knowledge. In first place, coming here was not my first ding, I did my homework. I test individually everything that was in my power(hardware-wise and software-wise) to pinpoint the issue before flagging nod32 v8 ON A CLEAN win7 install with NO uTorrent being used or installed at that point and what so ever. After finding out that nod32 was causing the issue, I further started using the computer with the goal to find the issue as it doesn't happen every time b
  13. Matrix I appreciate the tip but that was just one of the methods available to reproduce the issue and the issue remains even after closing all related process of utorrent, until reboot is performed. Method A happens the same way without the help of utorrent and even without both methods the issue will happen at some point while using the computer normally. And none of this happens with version 7.
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