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  1. I've been plagued with this in the last few days on my laptop. Today I got it fixed. What I did was go to the 2 registry entries listed before, and changed it to c:\windows\system32\windows.storage.dll Then I went to the left hand of the registry and changed the permissions BACK to "SYSTEM" and saved. I did this with both instances. In ESET I went to the setup and added 2 files to not scan exe and dll and saved that. Rebooted and windows icons did not return to the left, in medium and a right click on the desktop showed that "align to grid" was also not checked, and "small icons" was checked. So all is well now. I think it had to do with giving ownership of those 2 key elements in the registry back to "System", but then, maybe just making eset ignore exe and dll might have also helped, as Explorer.exe might have changed in either the shut down/log off or the start up/log on.
  2. For the time being this program, built for 64 bit OS will help. Just execute it and when you have your icons on your desktop arranged as you want them, then hold the "shift" and right click the mouse. A menu will appear that gives you option to save your desktop layout and one for restore your desktop layout. I tried it and works. I just needed to resize to small before I did that. Doesn't fix the problem, but does give a quick means to get your desktop back the way it was pretty quickly. It was originally designed for when an OS detected a change of screen resolution and then moved everything to default location. I cannot upload it because it is an .exe file I presume, but here is the link: Index of /files/dips64 the file is dips64-setup.exe You're welcome!
  3. Running Windows 10 Pro at work with the ESET Nod32 AV (64bit version) 8. Seems like there are 3 of the computers that the desktop icons change to the left after a reboot. Another co-worker has upgraded from Windows 7 to 10 and he is having no issues with reboot and icons changing. He has no AV, but is just relying on the AV that was provided by Microsoft.
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