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  1. Hi ESET support team, This is Lily from IObit. ESET - NOD 32 falsely detects our application ASC.exe as Win32/Deceptor.AdvancedSystemCare.A. Please refer the scan result from VirousTotal from https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/f9e1f544137e3cb5c805ed618452b4173349606cd9584c9535a004618e53c4f2/analysis/1488850078/ ASC.exe is the main process of our program Advanced SystemCare. It is and legit program and used by hundreds of thousands of users. The reported file is zipped with password "infected". Please download it from ... Hope you can analyze the file and remove the alert asap to reduce the inconvenience caused to our mutual users. Let me know if you need any other information. Thank you and look forward to your prompt reply.
  2. Dear ESET support team, This is Sky from IObit. Please forward this email to the person may concern. This is Top Urgent. Your ESET Cyber Security Pro has falsely reported our MacBooster 4 and blocked it by your PUA blacklist. Here are the two links: hxxp://amc.macbooster.net/check.php hxxp://www.macbooster.net/purchase/macbooster4.php?(null) Our two links are totally safe, please remove them from your PUA blacklist. If not, would you please let us know which parts of MacBooster 4 that do not meet your criterion, so we can modify our MacBooster 4 ASAP? The download link of our MacBooster 4 is hxxp://download.iobit.com/mac/MacBooster_4.pkg Your prompt reply will be really appreciated. P.S. We attached a picture, which is from one of our users.
  3. Dear sir or madam, To whom it may concern. This is Maggie from IObit. Your program ESET-NOD32 Virus Scanner has mistakenly detected our Sur13_WinFix.exe in Advanced SystemCare as threats. This is absolutely a false positive. And it will make troubles to our users and destroy our good reputation. Our program -- Advanced SystemCare is high-tested, absolutely without security risks, spyware, adware and so on. Details of this false positive as follows: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/c3d09b9203a53c2349281525fafaa3a02ce3099f7a5d573fdfe14fbf8c9cdfe5/analysis/1394698859/ You can download the reported file from hxxp://wikisend.com/download/454062/Sur13_WinFix.rar for research. Please look into this issue and solve it as soon as possible. Thank you for your prompt reply in advance.
  4. Hello moderators, ESET-NOD32 falsely reports IObit's Advanced SystemCare V7's program file ASCService.exe as probably unknown NewHeur_PE. And accordingly the setup file of Advanced SystemCare V7 is also been falsely reported as probably unknown NewHeur_PE. Here are the screenshots attached. We have contacted your company via hxxp://kb.eset.com/esetkb/index?page=content&id=SOLN141 several days ago and get a ticket number "ESET Support Case Update: 1054765 - False Positive". But since then there is no update on this issue. You can refer to the contact log screenshot. Our Advanced SystemCare v7 beta1.0 has been released yesterday. As both ESET and IObit have huge quantity of users, please help us resolve this false positive as soon as possible. If you need any more information, please update the email subjected with "ESET Support Case Update: 1054765 - False Positive" Thanks.
  5. Hi researcher, Thanks so much for your information. It's our mistake that we forgot to pack the key into the Beta 1. That's a really embarrassing and stupid mistake:(. And we will release a new version with the key packed soon. As Driver Booster is still in the beta phase, it has some bug. Could you please help us find the Bugreport.txt in the installation directory (usually in C:\Program Files\IObit\Driver Booster) and send it to me at support10@iobit.com? By the way, please ignore the false positive as well. It will also be solved in the next release. So sorry to bother you guys:) And thanks again for all your help.
  6. Hi Bart, Thanks so much for the link. I'll do as you said next time. Guys are nice here
  7. Dear ESET, This is Hsien from IObit. Please help forward this post to the person who may concern. Your program ESET-NOD32 falsely report our file driver_booster_setup.exe and Deployer.exe as probably unknown NewHeur_PE. driver_booster_setup.exe is the setup file of our new program IObit Driver Booster, and Deployer.exe is its file. Here are the virustotal results for your reference. hxxps://www.virustotal.com/en/file/e72183748dca822f0f6783b2969bf432c7d28c0e46d4074ec639cf1121ebcc6e/analysis/1370521505/ hxxps://www.virustotal.com/en/file/881b429ddc9a6372204ec7998eddff680b84c24ee25e67850cd886f8cf61d9de/analysis/1370521769/ IObit Driver Booster is 100% clear and secure without any threats. You can download the setup file driver_booster_setup.exe from the link below for further analyzing. hxxp://www.majorgeeks.com/files/details/iobit_driver_booster.html ESET is a worthy opponent and we appreciate what you have done in computer security. Please help us deal with this issue. If you need more information, please feel free to contact us @ support10@iobit.com. Looking forward to hearing from you. Have a good day:)
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