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  1. Can you explain how to make admin permission on these keys ? I try to bring a admin permission but I have a message with "access refused" You have to change the ownership of the folder from "system" to your account and then grant full control on them. (and after the modify return it back to system) EDIT: Btw I managed to fix it, thanks for the quick fix!!!
  2. If this can be of any help... Motherboard > Asus Z87 Pro Audio > Sound Blaster Z Graphic Gigabyte GTX 970 G1 CPU > Intel Core i7 4770K and if you have SSD harddrive > OCZ Revodrive 3 240 gb PCI Express Using eset nod32 ANTIVIRUS latest version.
  3. I also have this problem, I have windows 10 x64 updated, nvidia video card (gtx 970 g1) with latest drivers (355.98) and latest version of nod32 antivirus. Please, try to fix this without have to format.
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