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  1. This is the note from the generated report - Windows network remote deployment failed because remote ACCESS WAS DENIED to the target WINDOWS machine. Verify that: 1. 'XXXXXXXX' has administrator rights or use local 'Administrator' account that is enabled on the target machine. (XXXXXXXX being the admin account name - and this has been done.) 2. 'XXXXXXXX' password is not blank. (The password field is not blank) 3. You can remotely log on to the workstation from the server. (This has been verified) 4. From server machine you can access 'net use \\computername.COMPANYNAME.local\IP
  2. I have managed to get the report to be created and discovered that the problem is a permissions issue. I am logged into the server as the administrator. However, the USERNAME and PASSWORD that I am using has permissions to all of the systems on the network, and it failed. I have also tried the local admin accounts, which also failed. I have even tried the ERA admin account for the push, which failed. You cannot leave the fields blank, so I cannot use that as an option. At a loss here. Anyone have any other ideas? Thanks
  3. Yes. I saw the list of requirements. They were met before I did the test push, which is why, I assumed, that it was successful. I can do it through GPO, but am not the biggest fan of how GPO works in 2012, so I would prefer not to use it, unless absolutely needed.
  4. The deploys were done from the ERA WebConsole, directly from the computer list (Left click, Deploy Agent, Deploy Agent from ERA server), and also from the Admin tab, under Server Tasks and Agent Deployment and setting up a specific task. The first system (a test) to which it was done was successful. Then, I set a task to deploy to all computers on the network (215 total systems) and this failed. So, I tried it in blocks of 20 systems, then 10 systems then 1 system at a time. Attempted this on about 10 different systems and it failed individually on each one. On the first test deployment, whi
  5. Good day all, I have installed ERA ver 6.1.444.0 with web console ver 6.1.334.0 on a VMWare Windows Server 2012 R2 server. I have been able to deploy the agent to one computer that is on the network, but it will not push to any other system. With each attempt I am getting the FAIL message and states to generate a report, or check the trace.log file for details. The report that is generated, just tells me to generate a report, or check the trace.log file. So, I set the trace log verbosity to ERROR, but I am unable to even find a trace.log file. Things I have checked and verified: The
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