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  1. The fix mentioned by TomasP does resolve the issue. I can confirm that if the server is not currently having the issue no further intervention is required. Any server having the issue needs those two files (em009_32.dat and em009_64.dat) deleted. Then once you run an update it will connect back to the RAC.
  2. Very interesting. I started a snapshot & immediately while it was running started an update & it worked. As work arounds go that a pretty good one.
  3. From what I can tell a restart of the server does not get it working again. I was only able to get a server to keep downloading updates by uninstalling, reinstalling & NOT rebooting again.
  4. Looks like A LOT of people are having this issue (myself included). Keep an eye on https://forum.eset.com/topic/6052-eset-file-security-not-reporting-in-to-era-server/.
  5. Having this issue as well. Only seems to be effecting "ESET File Security Microsoft Windows Server 4.5.12017" & not "ESET Endpoint Antivirus 5.0.2237". It would appear that the error starts happening after a reboot of the endpoint. Does not seem to matter whether physical or virtual. Appears to happen on all OS 2003-2012R2. I was chatting with support for about 5 hours yesterday. Once we were able to uninstall ESET FS on an endpoint then reinstall it would check in every 10 minutes as configured & download updates. If I use ProcEx & watch the TCP/IP tab of the ekrn process I see it reach out to the RAC server. But if I restart the endpoint I would get the "Error opening socket" message. Now looking at the TCP/IP tab in ProcEx I don't see it even trying to connect to the RAC server. I have an open case (2 really) with ESET & am waiting to hear back from them. If anyone from ESET is monitoring this thread feel free to reach out to me (trust me when I get to work I'm going to be lighting up their phones). I can reproduce this very easily.
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