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  1. To Eset team - please, will You let us now, when we can use normal update mode instead of prerelease one? When it's safe. And module 1112 stays still. Thanks ladies and gentlemen.
  2. Because I like may changes few minutes ago. And I like my system "go". Backup? Yes, but why. Why should I use my backup image "week ago". My backup "week ago" is ancient thing for me.I need my system running now with "now" configuration. And ok. The community here did fix my problem. Without need to go back. They are perfect here. Never forget.
  3. Issue fixed. According to procedure mentioned here. I manually changed those registry setting. Lovely. Many many thanks for those who helped. Users here and ok - thanks to Eset. I like Eset and I really do not want to change my security soft. I do not want to reinstall my Win 10 either.
  4. Many many thanks! Please try to beat this "fu...ing ""little"" issue". Help us, please. Good Luck for everyone who helpes.
  5. Ken I appreciate that you are trying to help, but you are a little off the mark. The issue has page after page of posts on various websites pointing out that their icons no longer stay where put after a restart and the folder views are not saved either - example can't save as list view. keeps reverting to small/big icons whatever. Okay, the issue appears to be the result of Eset removing malware (as I said in an earlier post) following this removal the issue arises. It is *not* just a general fault, the only time it happens is following the removal of malware, even potential malwa
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