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  1. nice! now let's hear when eset fixes this from occourring again so i can finally install again ESS
  2. I cannot help for now as i did a system restore and i'm staying without eset until the issue is fixed, though i can tell that when you modify the folder view setup nothing changes in the registry, it's like the system is unable to read/write in the registry bags where folder/icon settings are stored. When ESET finds a potentially dangerous threat, somehow changes some of the registry permissions. Until a week ago i had my system which was upgraded from windows 8.1, same eset version i belive and i didn't have any issue. The issue arised when i did a clean w10 install and eset found a potentially dangerous software in one of my files (though it's not dangerous, it's just an installer with extra junk software) .so either one of the latest update broke something or the issue is replicable only on windows 10 clean installs
  3. same issue here, it started 3 days ago right after eset detected a false positive (version 8.0.319.1) if i restore right before eset is installed the issues are gone, though i wish i won't have to do that as i've reinstalled a lot of software/settings. if it can be of any help to the dev team, it seems like the system cannot write/read anymore the shell\bags path in regedit, as by using "shellbagsview from nirsoft" i can see that the folder preference are not created/modified, and even if i import the registry settings from the system state before the issue appears, the settings become visible on shellbagsview, but if i open the folder and resize the icons or the window, the lastmodifieddate still remains the old one. Uninstalling eset doesn't fix the issue, something gets corrupted. Please let us know if there's a fix as soon as possible
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