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  1. Remove Refer your friend from main application interface. Your program looks now like it's shareware, trialware with that out of place blue link. It can be moved to Tools or Help and Support instead
  2. Never mind fixed with a DNS proxy cache software that accept regular expressions as inputs for block rules. What i asked can be made possible if ESET would integrate a DNS module to replace Windows one , this way no more unwanted connections and very granular control over what domains can and cannot access programs that already have a allow rule in ESET Firewall. Next step is a home made cheap pc with linux to act as a router, firewall etc for all my network. Guess buying a 3 years ESET Security subscription was a mistake for my current needs
  3. I understand this but those domain names still have to be resolved by the DNS before becoming IP addresses. I want a more granular access customization since Microsoft doesn't also display the processes names that access those domains so i can't be sure what i allow or deny. Does ESET Command Line allows adding/removing/updating only of Firewall Rules ?
  4. Description: Allow URL addresses beside IP/IP Ranges input in Firewall Rules Detail: Since Firewall Rules can only use IP/IP Ranges in Rules blocking for example this connections for privacy and GDRP listed in https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/privacy/windows-endpoints-1803-non-enterprise-editions it's not possible. The feature is already implemented in WEB AND EMAIL > Web access protection > URL ADDRESS MANAGEMENT but that works only for browser.
  5. Original Source : hxxp://ns.umich.edu/new/releases/25336-unhackable-computer-under-development-with-3-6m-darpa-grant Probably they discovered : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morpheus_(software) and now they use that to move data around :>
  6. Nope, it works the same way as in Endpoint v6. The order determines the priority in which rules are evaluated so sorting by columns will obviously not work. I can't understand why we can't sort visualy by colums to have better ergonomics when trying to edit/delete the rules without changing the rules order. All i see is poor design : no program name icons, no arrow icons in direction column like , up arrow /down arrow or both to signal user instantly that the rule is an outboud, inbound or both, and offcourse a red x , green checkmark to show deny or allow rule. Also why rules can't be arranged by drag and drop and need to use those 4 buttons at right ? Are we really sacrificing ergonomics and functionality just to have a grey table because it looks so good for the UX team ?
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