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  1. Hello, I have downloaded and installed the beta version of ESET seventh generation of beta some comments and suggestions. First of all, I think the new version of ESET tray icon looks good, to look good than 5.6. Why is the interface with the sixth edition of the same? I want to increase the HIPS command-line detection, improved cloud reputation, increase sandbox
  2. Hello: I really like ESET's products and look forward to you adding more features and protection mechanisms, the following are my personal recommendations: In HIPS add command line testing, strengthen and improve the detailed HIPS protection mechanisms. Strengthen and improve the ESET Personal firewall module protection, to enhance the firewall level. Add the endpoint protection application control, the server system to increase the perfect behavior detection and firewall module HIPS. Strengthen or improve the heuristic scanning engine, enhanced remediation technologies, increasing advanced virus removal technology. Increase the complete cloud detection technology. ESET increase in the operations center in the windows firewall icon. Increased and more effective active defense bao'h
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