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  1. Hi Rekun: I totally agree with you , as i do have same problems , but still can't find the solution, customers complained everyday and blamed me to choose this unstable product version 6. i did send email to ESET support , but have not get any feedback yet.
  2. Hi Tom: Sorry , I lost my temper as recently i deployed Eset endpoint 6.2.2021.0 via era , i did check both era and endpoint are latest version, but some of the client computer freeze randomly, i try to contact ESET support , but never get any feedback . cheers
  3. Hi Marco: Recently i deployed eset endpoint 6 to my company computers via era, Some of my company client computer ESET will not auto-start, i can see the krn.exe but not egui.exe. and not able to open the main gui via the shortcut in the Start menu or even run as administrator. And after i log off the computer, it's not able to restart(have to force restart ) and sometimes freeze during we use the computer . Could you please help thank you
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