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  1. Hello, We have a RDS server setup that runs all services. Connection broker, SessionHost, Gateway and Web access. The local network is whitelisted. External users connect through the gateway and bypass the ESA as they are whitelisted. We do have another setup with the same config that doesn't show this behaviour. External users on this server do have to acccept through 2FA Any ideas
  2. Hello, Installed ESET Mail Security on linux for the first time. Followed the "ESET Mail Security & Zarafa 7 Infrastructure Integration" manual and we quickly had a running security solution. Everyone happy. To quick though. As ESET creates an SMTP interface before Postfix that does the detection all incoming mail on Postfix is suddenly from localhost and as such free to flow into (and out !!) of the mail system. We just created a nice open relay that within several days of course was abused with all the issues that come with it. As Postfix delivers mail to the Smart SMTP host o
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