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  1. I would like to find simple way of stopping all files in a specific folder accessing/communicating with the web. I have worked how to do it for specific .exe files but it is laborious doing it for several. Any ideas appreciated.
  2. https://forum.eset.com/topic/23723-after-enabling-virtual-machine-feature-the-pc-bsod-every-start/?do=findComment&comment=114743
  3. Rename C:\Windows\System32\drivers\eamonm.sys in safe mode (I also renamed C:\Program Files\ESET\ESET Security\Drivers\eamonm\eamonm.sys) in safe mode, start in normal mode, revert changes, upgrade as per guide. Works fine
  4. Thank you for your support. However the issue is very easy to reproduce with smart security or internet security and I have already provided way to much unnecessary information about my computer
  5. I was able to narrow down the issue. Take huge executable file and create firewall rule about it. Make sure to enable it. When you click ok to apply settings you will see it will take much much longer than usually. But this is not yet the cause of the 100% core usage by ekrn.exe. After that create any other firewall rule and enable it. When applied - there you go, CPU core is fully utilized and network is unusable. To revert it, just disable (do not delete) the rule about huge size of the executable file. If you will not disable the problematic rule then after 15-30 minutes the CPU usage
  6. Please check PM. Should I provide the esetperf.etl as well?
  7. I forgot to mention that if I restart my machine network protection does not work. It takes over 10 minutes to calm down the cpu usage by ekrn.exe, then the protection lights green. Please find logs in PM.
  8. Hello Whenever I change Eset Endpoint or Eset Internet Security from default to custom, I notice ekrn.exe uses 100% of one of cpu cores for 20 minutes. It happens when I start any application which connects to the internet like Chrome or VPN. It does not happen with default settings. All settings I change is do not clean malware if found in files and ask the user, network settings to public network and block couple apps in firewall. It does not matter if I do it with Endpoint or Internet Security or if I change settings manually or import configuration file. Event log does not show any er
  9. I also had issue with firewall which started with delay of 20 minutes. After repairing .net framework and restarting the computer, everything went fine this time
  10. Google Chrome is up to date Version 80.0.3987.149 (Official Build) (64-bit) I can not provide logs. Eset causes so high cpu usage I can not move mouse properly. Every app hangs completely. It also breaks my internet connection. Not sure if I should see eset component/driver in network card properties How can downgrade to EIS 13.x previous build?
  11. Same problem. Latest Eset internet security build cause the issue
  12. I have the same problem since I restarted the computer. Reinstalling did not fix it
  13. I resolved this by blocking access to all LAN IPs except mine and router/AP IPs. For some unknown (to me) reason I had to use 2 firewall rules: one Local hosts rule and one Remote hosts rule. Weird
  14. Hello, I use Win10 x64 Pro && ESET SS 9.0.349.14 x64 && Firefox x64 44.0.2. I've tried everything to get SSL filtering working with FF, but ESET simply doesn't filter it. SSL certificate in FF is missing, as well as Firefox executable from %ProgramFiles% on ESET SSL filtered programs list. On EICAR tests using HTTP file access is blocked in browser (access denied) while using HTTPS files are blocked in %temp%. How to resolve this? BTW: using ESET website I send a question to support:
  15. Yes, LAN_Atheros_Win7_64_VER21021 [16.07.2013] 7-8.1 x86/x64. It's Qualcomm Atheros AR8152/8158 PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controller. I always set custom DNS (different than ISP defaults, but the same custom DNS are set up on the router). Static LAN IP set up on the router as well, auto-detect on windows. IPv6 and file and print sharing for Microsoft Networks network card components are disabled. I always use the same configuration (for at least couple years). No, www.eset.com starts working with delay too. No. edit@: I just did. Uninstalling network adapter drivers and installing them again
  16. Hello, I had this issue 3 times: once on Windows 7 and ESET 8, later on Windows 10 preview builds and ESET SS 8 pre-release updates, and finally now on Windows 7 again. I had ESET SS9 beta, then used uninstall tool and installed ESET 9 stable. Without ESET on clean Windows installation as well as with ESET installed for a first time, it takes up to 10 seconds to connect to the internet. The easiest way to check that time is to disable and re-enable currently used network adapter in device manager. After using the uninstall tool and installing ESET 9 stable it takes 90 seconds to c
  17. Hello, I use ESET Smart Security beta. DHCP range on my router is set up to The router address is *254, AP address is *253. I have firewall in 'Interactive mode' to control apps internet access. I want to block ANY incoming and outcoming traffic from and to other hosts in the same network. I marked home network as public (same for any new networks without asking). Firewall rules I've tried to add manually: 1) range in 'local' tab in IP field, direction 'both', action 'deny', protocol 'any', notify user 'yes', 2) Addin
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