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  1. Hi All In the McAfee EPO Server it gives a possibility to say the agent, that it should reload all Policys from the EPO Server and set it to the client. Does ESET ERA has the same possibility? We changed the policy in the ERA. We wan't to clean all Settings in the Endpointsecurity and set the Policys from the ERA. Thx adminst
  2. Hi tomasP I've checked following Settings Server settings, Advanced settings: no Proxy ist set Client Policy - Tools - Proxy: no proxy set Agent: no proxy is set Any other ideas? Thx admisnt
  3. Hi Marcos With the new ERA Version I receive following error "get failed to connect to http proxy....". I haven't setup a http proxy. The clients connect from the internet. I don't want to have a proxy there. Any idea? Thx adminst
  4. Hi Marcos I did it on a client with EP 6.1.2222.1. May the Task fails...
  5. Hi all How could I update the ERA ES 6 on existing clients with the ERA Agent (managed trough ERA)? I don't find it in the clienttasks. Thx adminst
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