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  1. Good Morning, so, it works fine, the Enregy Save / Hibernation Mode is the problem. Thanks Marcos for your help & a nice weekend!
  2. No, the tasks I have not changed. I'll leave your computer running overnight and see how it behaves with the updates. But I have an idea, here is running Win10 64bit. The computer is never shut down, but overnight I set the Computer in the "Energy Save" Mode. Perhaps this is why.....
  3. What I do not understand if there is a firewall problem, why can I click the button for manual update and it works fine
  4. Hi Marcos, thanks for help! Yes, I can open the URL and I see a "Save File Dialog" to save the update.ver Well, the Windows Firewall are still runnig, but I read in the knowledge base, that is ok for "special communication".
  5. Hello Communtity, I'm a new ESET user from germany. 10 years with kaspersky - it was time to change :-) So, ESET Smart Security is great, set it and forget it. But here is a little problem. The Virus SigDB Update say ever dav: Server not found. If i click the manual Update, it works fine. Hmmm, my licence is valid, i can ping the ESET-Server and I uninstall and reinstall Smart Security. Well, it's a licences for 3 PC and I have the issues of all PC's. Any Ideas? THX and grettings!
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