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  1. Solved! One has first to start a "Remote Administrator Components Upgrade" task and after this a separate "AV Software install". The combined "modules updates task" at least in this situation isn't functional.
  2. As test I just started a "Remote Administrator Components Upgrade" task on all clients. ... still in status "running". I'll report on result.
  3. Hi Marcos, (all wordings translated from German to English ) 1. Local update activity: Advanced Setting / Clear Update cache Update: "No update needed" / Signature database is up to date. See attachement local.png it seams in Version 6.4 no local update to 6.5xx possible. 2. Remote See Task Executions on attachement "remote" Result see §status.png By the way: documentation states, that in V6.5 ALL modules will be update whereas in V6.4 only virus database is touched ??? Klaus
  4. Situation: ERA Appliance is up to date on Version 6.5.417.0 The Win7Pro clients are on ERA; Endpoint AV 6.4.2014.0 Triggering an "Modules Update" task either via context menu or via an new created task including "clear update cache" fails. How to get the new versions running?
  5. I've lost my ERA Web console password (not server root pwd). FAQ says that I have to reinstall my server. What to do, not to run into lizence problems? Klaus
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