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  1. Hi, Thanks for your help but unfortunately i have already checked that file, i have even just had another look but cannot find any value relating to the web console port. However earlier today i was looking in the folders and found the diagnostic tool from ESET, i used this and went to option 4 to export the configuration settings into a log file. It provided me with a ZIP file with a Configuration folder and inside was Configuration and StartupConfiguration. The Configuration file seemed to have the Web Console value of the port i changed as below. "container":{ "console_por
  2. Hey, Quick question to any willing to offer me advice. In the ESET Remote Administrator Web Console i was mucking around and changed the Web Console port to 2226 and restarted as required, I even tried restarting all the servers individually and restarting the machine itself. Now when i try and connect into the Web Console i get the message: Login failed (connection has failed with state 'Not connected') Because i can no longer access the web console does anyone know where to go to change the port back manually? Thanks
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