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  1. Thank you. That was very informative....and I can confirm I created no scripts. Curiously enough, two days ago Windows 10 would not boot, saying there was a missing file. But even booting up my Macrium USB stick and accessing the DOS like environment (sorry, having a senior moment) I ran SFC and it returned negative. Another curious thing is my most recent 2 C drive backups were corrupt, something I've never experienced before since using Macrium for years now. So I ended up just installing Windows from scratch. Since I had no reliable backups I've been working through installing the many programs I use for music, etc., and so far no more messages. However I'm now getting evidence of possible corruption on yet another HDD though I've yet to pin it down since I just stumbled on it a few minutes ago. (I have all SATA data slots filled and an add-in board with 4 more SATA ports for 30+ TB) For now I'm golden and although I want to understand the root of the problem, I'm so worn down with these recent problems I just want to forget about them for a bit. I thank you for your help and very informative replies, and should the problem reappear I will attempt to set proper rules to point the way to the guilty parties. mandrix
  2. I will try moving the new rule to the top. These attacks are coming really fast.
  3. I see someone else is having a problem with hxxp://api.backend-app.com:8880 I have made an entry in the firewall rules, listed the port, listed the remote URL, no good. Must be missing something. I'll have to think about it...I haven't had to do this in a long time, but I'll figure it out. Mainly wanted to say others aren't alone in this attack.
  4. Thanks. Why I didn't think of logs, I dunno. It's been a day. But any way, there is an application under attack and I'm not sure why as it's nothing too special. Anyway, Thanks itman, mandrix
  5. Internet Security is blocking a URL at the rate of at least 20 times/minute. Is there any provision for finding out which app is reaching out? All the message lists is the URL address and that it has been blocked. I would like to know what is being blocked, exactly. Thanks for any help. It's getting really annoying watching this box pop up constantly.
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