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  1. I don't want to migrate to v7 just yet, especially on the older XP machines, but let me explain how i managed to fix the activation issue. I took all the policies, one by one, to verify the exact changes they implement and i discovered that in the default "HTTP Proxy Usage" policy, it was entered the old ip of the previous server, both for the Management Agent and security product, so i changed that old lan ip to the new one, re-send the activation task and the red marks were gone instantly I want to thank you for the help provided, taking it step by step helped me to fix this issue,
  2. Just tried to enter the license manually, please find attached the results.
  3. I can see no other details, just the Failed message, attached a photo. I'm able to open that page on four affected machines, they're near me and i just tried it. On the ELA page, the affected machines are also in red with the "Last connected over 30 days ago" message, some of them have the last connection date coinciding with the period after the migration.
  4. Many of them were activated remotely from era, just 2-3 Windows XP devices were activated with the license key, but now i have 11 warnings, the XP computers and a bunch of Windows 10 activated from era, but from the previous server installation, before the migration. The ones activated after the migration, from era, are all ok! I tried to run the "Product activation" task on the "expired" devices, but all i get is a "Failed" message on the reports panel. Is there a way to check the connectivity to the activation servers? The internet is working on all devices and not blocking anythin
  5. Hello, I just renewed my license for another 2 years, but many of my devices show the "License expired" message and are marked with red in the ERA panel... which is making me sick I just checked one of them and i was able to update the virus database. The expiration date was 05.08.2018, like 2 weeks ago and i renewed the license before the expiration date. I'm pretty sure its a policy issue or something regarding the update mechanism. I always had trouble with various devices not updating the database and i had to add a separate profile for internet update, but since then i als
  6. Did you ever find a solution for this? I'm trying to renew my license and i get the same error, please let me know if you figure it out.
  7. Well, i guess i'll just have to do with the password policy for the security product. Another question, is there any way to protect the Agent from uninstall on client machines? They can simply uninstall it from the Control Panel and i don't like this, i already had some problems with some users.
  8. Basically the only solution to hide the GUI is to limit or change the windows account permissions, right? Eset can't do anything to hide itself from user with admin rights? It would be a nifty feature to have...
  9. I searched the forums, but i can't find any info regarding my question: I want to hide the UI for all users on the machine (keep the tray icon and some notifs), so i'm using the "Minimal" Start Mode, but in this mode any user with admin rights is able to see and use the UI. I want it to just be available for the "Administrator" user account, is this possible to do via a policy from ERA v6?
  10. I'm also interested in this, where do we need to change the fqdn to the ip address? /le For anyone interested, here's where you need to change the fqdn with the ip address of the server When deploying an agent remotely, on the settings page, enter the actual IP of the ERA server, not the PC name When the agent is already deployed, but is not reporting back, create a policy for the Remote Administrator Agent and in the Connection page, click Edit server list and add your server's IP I found all of this on my own and it worked for me on some machines, although on other
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