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  1. I saw this as a post not long after posting. Unfortunately at the moment I cannot get onto the Web Console (it seems to have broken itself). Downloading 6.2 now
  2. We have been running ERAS Web Console since June with no issues in regards to accessing the console but after going to the URL today, I am met with a blank page. The self-signed certificate prompt shows and the favicon is displayed in the tab but the page is blank. I have rebooted the server twice and checked the log files for Apache and Tomcat with both showing no noticeable issues. The server is a 2003 32bit machine, is any other info needed? Thanks
  3. My company has run ESET for the past few years as I recommended it to them after having used it personally for the previous 10 years. But ERA 6 is awful. We have so many problems with this web console. Updates in the browser are slow, it caches content from previous requests, it only remotely installs/activates clients about half the time, doesn't work with our clients on v5, tasks always have to be added instead of ran at a new target. We have many more issues and the latest is not being able to use the web console at all (I will post a new thread on this). All in all, we are gutted we renewed this year with ESET and will be looking elsewhere when our renewal comes up.
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