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  1. Hello everyone; Just download the V10 Nod 32 Antivirus; Should I uninstall v9 before installing the V10, or can I install over the top Thank you for your answers Edit: Sorry for may bad English, google translate .
  2. Hello; Still no version 9.0.349 Eset NOD32 antivirus in French; Do you know why, and when it will be available? Thank's
  3. Hello; It may be for this reason (import V8 to V9 parameters) that I had lags. I reinstalled the V8, but I will again test the V9 and get my setup manually Thank you, Marcos
  4. Hello; The IP address is that of a hoster of downloads for PC Astuces; This address is blacklisted for NOD32 AV, and on the website of Virus Total, only the points ESET dangerous : https://www.virustotal.com/fr/url/b893bda1d1c866b9461c7862205bec1e0df95f0992218ad98530ed758b22e42e/analysis/ I submitted the IP address to the lab ESET,needs to be done something else?
  5. Thank you for your reply I switch to Smart mode
  6. hello; I just installed the latest version of NOD32 Antivirus (V.8.0.304.3) I had before the V7; So far, I left the HIPS module NOD deactivated but todays, I decided to try to activate HIPS, in "Automatic mode with rules." For now, no conflicts with Outpost Firewall Pro 9.1 (4652.701.1951) Everything works very well. Do you think I could leave the HIPS NOD, or should I disable? Thank you for your answer
  7. Thank you for your reply; I uninstalled the V7, and then installed the V8; Everything works perfectly
  8. hello; Version 8 does NOD32 Anti virus is finally available in french. Should we uninstall before installing V7 V8, or can we install over version 7 thank you Sorry for my English, Google translation
  9. Ok; Thank you for the answer; we will wait.
  10. hello; Version 8 of NOD32 anti virus is still not available in French; Is a date scheduled for the making available of download this version from hxxp://www.eset.com/fr/download/home/detail/family/2/ thank you
  11. Hello Arakasi I have Outpost Firewall Pro since the release 4.0.964.582(November 2006) and I had KAV (Kaspersky Anti Virus) since version 4 also; I dropped KAV for NOD32 there two years, and I retain this ensemble who satisfied me; I prefer an anti virus and a firewall separates, I do not like the security suite
  12. Hello I Have Outpost Firewall Pro 9.1 ( latest version) and NOD 32 AV 7.0.317.4 on my PC (Windows 7 Home SP1 32b ) and it work very well ( I have disabbling Nod HIPS , and I work with that of outpost )
  13. Hello: Try to make an update of ITune; the latest version is 11.1.6
  14. Hello; I contacted support Outpost last week, and they made me uninstall Outpost by Add / Remove program, WITHOUT using the Cleaner.Then I re installed Outpost 8.1.2. For reasons unknown to me, my PC is running very well again with V.7.0.302.26 Nod32 and Outpost 8.1.2 However I did nothing other than uninstall / reinstall Outpost, without changing anything in the configuration (I imported my rules after installation). This remains a mystery to me.
  15. Hello; My OS is Windows 7 SP1 32b My firewall is Outpost Pro 8.0, and my antivirus is Nod32 V 7.0.302.26, with HIPS deactivated In the Exclusions of Nod, I put C:\ Program Files \ Agnitum \ Outpost Firewall Pro \ *.* C: \ ProgramData. \ Agnitum \ *.* Everything works fine but if I install Outpost Firewall Pro 8.1.2 my PC crashes. I still have not found what blocks, and if you have a solution, I'm interested. This crash problem started for me with version 8.1 Outpost. So I stay with Oupost V 8.0 and Nod32 V 7.0.302.26 until a solution is found.
  16. Hello, Personally, I disable the HIPS NOD32, to avoid the conflict with that of my firewall, Outpost Firewall Pro.
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