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  1. Hello; I have a NOD32 Antivirus license for three PCs; I only have one PC in use, with its updated license, the other two PCs have been shut down, and NOD 32 uninstalled. The license expires on 6.12.2020
    Can I renew NOD for a single PC, or do I have to purchase another license for a single PC?
    Thank you for your reply.

  2. Hello; I have NOD32 Anti virus
    I installed Thunderbird 68.8.0 64b (latest version) on my W10 Pro PC; I imported the Eset certificate into the Thunderbird certificate store (it was missing) and I checked in the Thunderbird / Antivirus settings "Allow antivirus software to quarantine incoming messages individually". Of course, in NOD32 Mail Clients, the box "Activate mail protection by Client Plug-ins" is checked;
    How to cotrol that NOD monitors Thunderbird well?
    Thank you for your reply.


    1 hour ago, simplicissimus said:


    I don't think you need another license.

    Source: https://support.eset.com/en/licensing-faq-home-users#question7

    1 hour ago, simplicissimus said:

    I use a dual-boot computer with two separate operating systems—how many licenses do I need?
    You only need (1) license, as you cannot use both operating systems simultaneously.

    Thank you Simplicissimus; I will be able to install NOD32 on my second hard drive 😀

  4. Hello; :)
    I had the same problem as RvW with FireFox and NOD 32. This problem started with me with version 49 of FireFox (32b) My OS is Windows 7 SP1 32b. I solved the problem by installing the ESR version of FireFox, after uninstalling the browser completely (do not forget to delete its profile, FF will create a new one)
    The latest version of ESR can be downloaded here: https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/organizations/all/ (Take version 52)

  5. I always try to understand my problem with the root certificate which can not be installed automatically in NOD32 AntiVirus v10 (I have imported it manually in my two browsers)
    I then suspect FireFox to be at the origin of the problem; I completely uninstalled FireFox, I registered the URL of an HTTPS site in the list of applications filtered by SSL / TLS, with as option "ask". With IE11, of which I want to connect to the site, a window of alert appears, and asks me what I want to do; I reinstall FireFox, no extentions or complementary modules and I did the same test. FireFox does not react at all. So I wonder if SSL / TLS protocol filtering works on this browser. OS W7SP1 32b
    Which one has the same problem, and especially one can correct this.
    Thank you for your answare

  6. Hello Marcos;


    No, the problem is not solved :(   I don't understand, the problem persist after this operation.


    For information: Before writing this post, I completely uninstalls Outpost Firewall and NOD 32 (with their unistaller) and I reinstalled NOD V10 without installing Outpost; The problem is always existing. I do not see what is personal firewall in log of NOD. Windows Firewall is disabled of course.
    so I disable "Add the root certificate to known browsers", I imported the certificate in IE 11 and in FireFox, and I expect / I hope a solution to this problem


    Paul :)

  7. Hello; Cannot add the root certificate in ESET NOD32 Antivirus V10; I COMPLETELY uninstall / deleted my firewall, and despite this, I have an error message in the log (blocked by the personal firewall) ; I verified my two browsers (FireFox 49.0.2 and IE11) and cerificat is installed; Should I let check "add the root certificate to known browsers" or do I uncheck?

  8. hello :)
    1- display bug time for updates on the splash screen is still not corrected on the V10. Just "refresh" the page for the right time appears.
    2- In the log file, "Events" I have a message to each startup of the PC that says "Failed attempt adding a root certificate all browsers" module "Firewall Personel" yet this certificate is present on two browsers (FireFox 49.0.2 and IE 11)
    Does someone he finds it? W7 SP1 32b.
    Thank you

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