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    HolyK received kudos from Joe S in Interactive Firewall useless since 16.2   
    @ixtel Thanks for providing the DL link for 16.1.14, that saved my day (luckily i had a recent export of the settings before updating).
    2 ESET: I don't understand why would you release a non-major product update which removes an important feature which was in your product for years. Was your Q/A team on vacation or did seriously nobody raised a concern about this at all? The statement that the feature will be back in v17 is just doubling-down. Some of your clients are not just casual users running auto-mode but advanced users with a bit "longer" list of FW rules with explicit definitions ...
    After my version got updated and my workstation was restarted I had to go through like 40 FW prompts (as none of my exiting rules was relevant anymore). And no, i don't have 40 programs auto-starting after logon but i got multiple prompts for the same process and even after creating permanent rules i got another prompt, multiple times. Also realizing that ALL of the rules have "ALL" for remote and there is not even a way how to restrict network i was almost sure this seems to be some sort of bug or there is now some switch in settings i need to click to get more advanced FW capabilities ... well, then i found this thread, realized that it is not a bug but "feature" ... so I've rolled back to 16.1. and disabled automatic product updates.
    I am usually reading major release (16->17 etc) notes/changelogs before i pull the plug but this was unexpected back-stab. I really don't understand why this change could not wait until you have new UI but with all of the existing functionality integrated...
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