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  1. MariaDB is supposed to be an drop-in replacement for mysql, so I thought that I could use it instead of mysql on centos. Are these errors connected to the "missing symbols"?
  2. I installed MDM and used a pfx file for securing the website that is shown on Port 9980. The PFX file contained an Cert and also an Intermediary CA Cert. But this is not used by the MDM webserver that listens on Port 9980. I used the same PFX for the Tomcat server that delivers the ERA Console. Tomcat delivers the Intermediary CA Cert to the clients, as seen on the comparison via an SSL checker (https://www.sslshopper.com/ssl-checker.html) Could you please fix this or tell me where I can change the MDM webserver settings?
  3. I'm using ERA on an CentOS 7 x64 with MariaDB. ERA, MDM, an Agent, MariaDB, Tomcat are installed on the server. (Firewall Ports opened are 2223,2222,9981,9980,443) Everything seems to be working - ASAP tasks are starting with +30 min delay but thats not the issue at hand. After installing updates I rebooted the server and now all the clients and the server itself wich were displayed with the Symbols for Agent and MDM are now in the list but the symbols are missing. The MDM server is now not selectable for device enrolment tasks, but everything worked before the reboot. New Clients with
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