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  1. Hate to disappoint you, but it does. Yes indeed, I have used both and both seem to cause the exact same problem.
  2. I did that and that worked, even though it doesn't work exactly as described. But I managed to figure it out. Thank you.
  3. ESET AV Removal Tool - hxxp://support.eset.com/kb146/ Neither in normal mode, neither in safe mode does it detect anything from Eset. And back in normal mode Eset loads and works like normal. As far as I can tell....
  4. Maybe the "That one doesn't work" wasn't specific enough. The only thing that tool detected was Malwarebytes. Nothing from Eset.
  5. That one doesn't work. I was expecting some support from Eset staff, either here or by answering the support request that I submitted to Customer Care. But nothing..... Very disappointing.
  6. If I have to use an uninstaller I would use hxxp://support.eset.com/kb2289/#Windows10 But I would like to have confirmation that it will actually work and that there is no other way. Since this is a beta product and it is about Windows 10. Besides that I submitted a support request to Customer Care. No answer yet.
  7. Hello, I tried to uninstall Eset Smart Security version from my Windows 10 64 bit computer. I get this message, see image. What can I do next to fix this issue? I have tried to Repair - same message. I have tried to uninstall a second time - same message. So I deciced to ask here first. Thank you. Please excuse my English. I am Dutch
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