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  1. Solution #2 should fix the SSL error. Sounds like the cert didn't properly install. The machine not able to access any website coming back with the ERR_NAME_RESOLUTION_FAILED error and not being able to print sounds like DNS. I assume the printer is networked via hostname. Flush your DNS cache and try again. Also check firewall to make sure it is not preventing communication by temporarily disabling it. If that's the culprit you just need to configure your firewall rules.
  2. Hey Mike, The warning cleared from the entry with my name but not the one with the company name.
  3. Disabling "License overused" warning cleared out one of the two alerts I have on the Licence Management tab, however it still shows one alert. Disabling "Close to expiration" warning does not have any effect. "Almost all of the available units in the license have been used. Please extend the license." In ERA under License Management, there are two entries in the list; one displaying my company's name and one displaying my own name. Highlighting either pulls up the exact same information in the Licenses pane - same Public ID, Product Name, Status, Units & Etc. For some reason disabling the License overused warning only clears it out from the entry displaying my own name and not the one displaying the company name. So I still have the yellow indicator on the Admin sidebar button, now it just displays a 1 instead of a 2.
  4. Hey guys, I forgot I posted this question. I just checked both places and under Notifications in ERA the "License Limit Alert" is still default and not configured while in ELA the only thing I can configure for "Close to overusage" is whether or not to send an e-mail notification (and it's disabled by default as well). I'm attaching two screenshots for you to have a look at.
  5. On the ERA sidebar you get a yellow alert indicator on top of the Admin section button if you are close to running out of available ESET licenses. How do I disable that? It's annoying as hell like there's something wrong when everything is fine.
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