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  1. I would assume that the new switch ports aren't properly configured for vlan traffic between the ERA server and workstations and that is where your issue is. Otherwise they should be completely transparent.
  2. You can perform the Software Install task without automatically rebooting. Under the task's Settings section there is a checkbox labeled "AUTOMATICALLY REBOOT WHEN NEEDED".
  3. Make sure the share has permission granted to "Domain Computers" group - ESET executes the command as a local system account rather than a domain user. I did overlook something in my original reply though - it prints the hostname first and then outputs only the 'net' command to file... so the command needs to be modified a little. Edit: Or you could just simply output the file with the hostname as filename. net localgroup administrators > \\servername\sharename\%COMPUTERNAME%.log This way it writes the hostname to file and then appends the net command results to the same file. I tested this just now from ERA and it works fine.
  4. Sure you don't have to output to a network share, it would just simplify collecting the results had you ran this command on multiple machines. "hostname & net localgroup administrators > C:\filename.log"
  5. It is possible but there is no built-in functionality specific to this purpose. You need to execute a Run Command task on the host(s) you want to check. Since the Run Command task simply creates a local batch file and then executes it, the output is not returned to ERA and you will need to output the command to a file. Here's the command you want: "hostname & net localgroup administrators > \\%HOSTNAME%\%SHARE%\filename.log" Replace %HOSTNAME% and %SHARE% with your environment or just output the file locally.
  6. Speaking as someone who is hands-on IT management rather than a reseller or MSP: That is how I would expect it to behave and should. My endpoints are configured for strict cleaning so I have not dealt with this issue, however if end users were greeted with option dialogs during an av scan without any way for the admin to suppress I would be quite aggravated with the product.
  7. The "Task Category" field only narrows down the list of available tasks that appear in the "Task" combo box. e.g., Choosing "All Tasks" populated the "Task" combo box with every available task you can execute. Choosing "ESET Security Product" narrows this combo box down to only the tasks related to that selection (but still appear when choosing "All Tasks").
  8. Just noticed that EES 6.6.2072.4 is released. Is there a changelog for this update? I'm getting sick of receiving the outdated software alerts since 6.6.2072.2 did not apply to me and have been looking forward to an update that shuts it up.
  9. Of the 5 hosts having the problem over here: I was able to deactivate two of them and create a new software activation client task that finished successfully. These two machines are now running properly and without error. The remaining three will not take product activation; the task does not indicate that it ever executed on these hosts, however they will disappear from "show running" on the task and also indicate in ELA that they are again licensed but the issue persists. I am unable to deactivate these machines via ELA (for some reason there is no checkbox next to their entries) however I was able to deactivate them through the ERA context menu. I then had to run the manual uninstaller in safe mode on each of these three hosts to remove the 6.6.2068. Executed a software install client task from ERA and while it took a while to complete (5min, 15min, 30min respectively for each of the three) it did successfully complete and activate the licenses on these hosts without any further issue. Push this update at your own peril. Large deployments will be a nightmare.
  10. Ok, so just got into the office morning after updating those 30 hosts. Of the 30, 5 of them are experiencing this problem.
  11. Something is pretty wacky with this update. Just deployed it to 30 machines via ERA as usual. Thee of them do not show a security product version number in ERA with the task completed. One of the installs has been hung for about an hour and one of them, after having been completed for around 30 minutes, is suddenly reporting that the task failed. edit: I just rebooted one of the machines that wasn't showing a security product version number in ERA. Seems to be running fine; doesn't show any functionality problems and now it shows the version in ERA. However - this host is now magically showing as 'running' in the software install task that had already completed. edit edit: Aaaaand right after I clicked Save and looked over, I see the failed status for this task has suddenly jumped from 1 to 5 hosts... well after the installs were all completed.
  12. Deactivating license via ELA and executing new product activation client task was able to solve the issue for my one problem host.
  13. Attempted to run a software activation client task and it never executes on the problem box. Odd behavior I did notice is that once the software install task status indicated completion on all hosts and I sent a reboot, after these machines came back up the task status reverted to show at least half of them still being in progress and never changing again after that.
  14. I performed the software update the same way I have since deploying v6 in 2015 - remotely via ERA.
  15. I just updated endpoint security from 6.6.2064 to 6.6.2068 on a few Windows 7 test machines via ERAv6 and one of them came back with the error in ERA stating "ESET LiveGridĀ® is not accessible". Checking the host, the ESET console was showing an error that the credentials were incorrect. I ran a second install thinking the first may have aborted prematurely and am now greeted with this error shown in the attached screenshot: "Modules update failed Your license file does not contain a Username or Password. You can update only from an update mirror." It only happened on one test machine and I am unable to uninstall or revert the product either via ERA or logged directly onto the box. I do not have physical access to reboot the thing in safe mode in order to run the manual uninstaller. Any solutions?
  16. That looks like a video driver issue. Try installing the nVidia driver from the Lenovo or nVidia websites. An immediate fix may be to disable hardware acceleration in Excel.
  17. Revoke the host's license from ELA in Admin > License Management > Open ELA then return to ERA and Synchronize Licenses.
  18. You can, kinda sorta. You can create a client task in ERA that executes a command on the remote host. Put the MSI on a network share, execute a command on the remote host to fire it off or write an installation script and execute that. While you can deploy and update ESET software and ERA agents through client tasks, there is no built-in functionality that is specifically for deploying 3rd party software. I would suggest using Group Policy or something like PDQ Deploy instead.
  19. Test this out on one of your affected hosts: Completely uninstall ESET Endpoint AV through Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features Do not uninstall the ERA Agent. Reboot the PC. Deploy 6.6.2046 through the ERA. Reboot the PC again. I ran into a hiccup with 6.6.2046 and Win10 that was solved by just doing a clean install. I use PDQ Deploy as well but never used it for ESET since upgrades can be done right from the ERA.
  20. Morning Scott, That's just because you have not placed the computers into any group(s). Go to the Computers section of the ERA and click on the "All" group so it's highlighted - you'll see a little gear icon appear to the right of the folder. When you click this icon it will give you the option to create a new static or dynamic group. If you don't want to deal with subgrouping your hosts, all you need to do is select them in the Computers section, click "Action" on the bottom of the ERA and choose Move to Group to place them in "All".
  21. Hey Scott, no prob. The current version of Endpoint Security is now 6.6.2046.0
  22. Solution #2 should fix the SSL error. Sounds like the cert didn't properly install. The machine not able to access any website coming back with the ERR_NAME_RESOLUTION_FAILED error and not being able to print sounds like DNS. I assume the printer is networked via hostname. Flush your DNS cache and try again. Also check firewall to make sure it is not preventing communication by temporarily disabling it. If that's the culprit you just need to configure your firewall rules.
  23. Hey Mike, The warning cleared from the entry with my name but not the one with the company name.
  24. Disabling "License overused" warning cleared out one of the two alerts I have on the Licence Management tab, however it still shows one alert. Disabling "Close to expiration" warning does not have any effect. "Almost all of the available units in the license have been used. Please extend the license." In ERA under License Management, there are two entries in the list; one displaying my company's name and one displaying my own name. Highlighting either pulls up the exact same information in the Licenses pane - same Public ID, Product Name, Status, Units & Etc. For some reason disabling the License overused warning only clears it out from the entry displaying my own name and not the one displaying the company name. So I still have the yellow indicator on the Admin sidebar button, now it just displays a 1 instead of a 2.
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