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  1. same problem here! Exchange 2007 (transport e mailbox) on SBS2008 Incoming email downloaded via popconnector. Not all emails are processed by eset EMSX (4.5.10023). Some dangerous emails go to user mailboxes. Any idea? Thank you
  2. Ok, Everything is Ok now! From ERAS log: <SESSION_ERROR> CCServiceRoutine(InsertClient): MAXIMUM NUMBER OF CLIENTS REACHED, 'XXXYYYXXX' NOT ADDED. Please upgrade your license (connection 'XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:9658', 34 in db, 34 in license) I don't know why my server tried to add itself as a new client... just deleted my server old entry and now it's ok. Thank you.
  3. Already tried both IP and ERA server name Everything is setted up with a policy.
  4. ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server 5 is working fine. OS is SBS2008SP2 and Exchange version is 2007. All is up to date.
  5. Hello! RA Consolle shows that my ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server is not reporting from 5 days. Before everything was OK. All other PCs and Servers are reporting regularly. I've allready checked RA configuration and policy but everything seems OK. ERA (, ERAC ( and EMS (4.5.10023.0) are up to date. What I have to do? Is there a log file to check? Thank you a forgive my English. Bye. Fabio
  6. Hello! Is there a tech guide where I can find some more help? I want to understand how to use antispam rules. I cannot find any help about to build my own custom rules files. ...is there a more verbose manual than this??? Is it possible to give a negative offset to those emails containing some words o phrases? Ex: I want that all emails containing "this phrase is good" to be more easily considered as HAM. Is it possible? Thank you, Fabio
  7. Translation issue. In English version you can see that an email could be "quarantined" or "retained". In Italian version you can see that an email could be "messa in quarantena" = "quarantined" or "non distribuito" = "not delivered"... that's sounds a little different and could be confusing. Best regards, Fabio
  8. Ok, thank you. With english template everything works fine.
  9. I hava a strange issue when I try to set up scan task via ERA. I can configure a task but not parameters: Figure 1-7 at this official guide: hxxp://kb.eset.com/esetkb/index?page=content&id=SOLN3080&viewlocale=es_ES will change in my ERA localized version to this: ERAC version 5.0.511.0 italian What I have to do? How can I set up Profile, Destination, Reboot and other parameters? Thanks in advance. Fabio
  10. Hallo, training features are useful if users don't cooperate classifying incoming email as spam or not-spam? ...and how can a user tell to EMSX that incoming emails are spam or not? Using quarantine mailbox how can I tell to EMSX that some emails are legitimate? Is it possible to use greylist feature with a POP3 Exchange Server Connector? Thanks in advance, Fabio I'm sorry but it's my first time with ESET business software.
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