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  1. Thank you. I just did that. But now i'm thinking this is useless, let me know : in eset, this is a part of "web access", so i think this only block url from access by port 80 on web browser, but i think the system could continue to bypass this. I try your firewall rules generator. edit : be careful, on the MEGA link i downloaded a MEGAfile.exe
  2. Tank you, but i don't know where to enter the URLs (no IPv4) :
  3. Hello everyone, like many of you I recently installed the Windows 10 system and it is then that I learned that there were a number of privacy concerns for users. I have not linked the installation to a Microsoft account and I made the choice not my installation related to online services, and Microsoft's cloud, and on top of that I decided to block a list of url in the hosts file to prevent my PC sniffing information to Microsoft servers. I also read some news sites, such arstechnica.com, no matter our installation options or the contents of the hosts file, Windows 10 does not include fee and in all cases gets informations on user. I do not know yet if this is true, and no matter, I want me to take control of my data and I want to block the comunication between my system and Microsoft servers from my list, known for gathering information. I would do with my firewall ESET Smart Security. I found how to block access to xx.xxx.xx.xxx IP addresses, but I do not know how to enter a url list to block access in 2 directions. Thank you in advance.
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