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  1. So my only option is to download the whole repository of about 150gb size??
  2. I want to create an offline repository for a client of mine. I researched on creating the offline repository but i noticed it downloads the whole repository with all the files. I want to limit to just the products the client uses. Kindly assist
  3. Hello I have been getting this warning on my workstations. Kindly advice Regards
  4. Hello Marcos I've attached 2 pictures. One shows the event log showing that anti phishing isnt enabled and the other is the generated configuration from the machine showing that anti ohishin gis enabled.
  5. Hello I have enabled anti-phishing and web access protection on workstations on my network. However the ERA console is reporting that the anti-phishing is disabled for all workstations. I checked the time occurrence and i noticed the times were old. How do i go about rectifying this issue. Regards
  6. Ok janoo. Thank you very much for the feedback. Will try it and get back to u
  7. Hello janoo I saw the post in the link you sent me and was just about to implement it when i saw this post; hxxp://help.eset.com/era_install/65/en-US/index.html?mirror_tool_windows.htm saying that the mirror tool was only for virus update definitions only. I want a repository for installers also. Kindly advice
  8. Hello I'm doing work for 2 clients who both use Fortinet firewalls on their network. As a result of their policies Eset is unable to retrieve data from the Repository. I want to know if its possible to create a local repository containing installers that will enable my team do push installations and create all-in-one packages for the clients. Counting on your expert advice.
  9. Hello Guys So i have been getting this detection from one of my client sites. Can someone please look through and advice. I also keep getting some notifications of anti phishing not functional. I cant seem to enable it even though the ERA policies i configured show it to be enabled.
  10. am trying to migrate my companys era 5 to era 6. during the process, using migration too, i get a generic error. Can anyone help. Find attached a pic of the error
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