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  1. Hello, Can you confirm the version of ESET PROTECT that manages EEAU10 as it is not mentioned in the online help, etc.? Not all of our clients have the latest EP, so we are checking with EP version 9.0 or later, will the information be available soon? Of course we understand that it is best practice to use the most up-to-date EP as well. Please let us know if you have any information on this question, as it is one that we actually get asked frequently by our clients.
  2. Hello Peter, Thank you for providing the information on the mirror tool. We immediately tried using the Windows mirror tool and successfully updated the module without any problems. I am wondering when the online help was updated and would like to verify things. So far I have not found anything wrong with the functionality around web access protection. Thank you.
  3. We too are in the process of downloading the build and checking out the new features. I have one question, we have a test environment where we are getting modules from a mirror tool. I am referring to the "ep10" folder since the EEAU version is 10, but the module has not been distributed and I am not able to update the module via the mirror tool. Will this be distributed soon? Sorry if I am posting to the wrong place.
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