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  1. V11 like 10.1.235 is slow to boot compare at v 10.1.219
  2. Is it normal that the latest version (10.1.235) is slow to launch into the boot of the computer? Compare to the previous version (10.1.219) that will launch almost instantly? News of version 11 in French? Thank you
  3. ok i reinstall NOD32 and now its works, may be an error in the update :/
  4. With SSL activated this page not work correctly : https://assistance.numericable.fr/ (https://img.assistance-numericable.fr/css/images/icones/apple-touch-icon-152x152.png) If disable SSL, its works, but disable/enable and reboot not resolve issue. Thanks for help.
  5. Thanks for your help, I'll know it from now
  6. À new version is is available on website 9.0.318.30 but not in NOD32 app, this is normal ? My version 9.0.318.20 any difference ? Thanks And sorry for my poor english i'm french
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