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  1. nevermind i just installed antivirus only, i don't like the firewall anyway and it's just dead weight to me as I disabled it always in favor of windows firewall which doesn't bother me all the time.


    Yes maybe i bought the wrong product because buying something from eset is such a challenge, in previous years it took me hours to just find a way to be able to get apayment processed, then this years it's wrong product. Probably due to poor and unclear labeling, or maybe i got temporarily blind, who knows... 

  2. Then how come I was able to update Smart Security on my laptop with it (has Windows installed) for several months without a problem?


    It doesn't surprises me the least though, that I got a MAC licence instead of a Windows one, considering I always had problems with ESET's checkout process year after year after year....


    I thought this finally this was the year that I didn't have to deal with that , but not it seems like it was an illusion that I lived in for a while.


    Please send me a new licence that's for Windows, like what I ordered.


    Oh and p.s. this is the drop in the bucket, I won'r be renewing my ESET licence after this. I am tired of these issues every year again. It's cost me way more in time then the purchase price itself.

  3. Hi, I UNinstalled Smart Security on my laptop and then Installed it on my PC (to use it there instead). But it's not working...


    The licence is valid when I check with "verify licence validity", but when I try to update I get a user / password error.


    I completely removed the installation from my laptop, so that can't be the problem. I even used this method after uninstallation: hxxp://kb.eset.nl/esetkb/index?page=content&id=SOLN2289. So I'm sure it's completely gone.


    Why is my user / pass not working? Please fix this! Or tell me how to...


    I always have problems with ESET. In previous years I also had problems with purchasing, and now again I'm wasting hours of my time with something that should go smooth!



    And oh p.s. I'm in the Netherlands now but purchased the licence in the Philippines, just saying in case that could be it.

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