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  1. You can also try to set the Minimum verbosity of events to display to Warnings instead of Informative.
  2. Really? I haven't had any problems so far with version 9 and Windows 10. I also see that there is a small error in my previous post: You can find the Advanced Error Reporting Settings at the same location but located in Windows Error Reporting folder.
  3. No difficulties at all. You just won't profit from what ESET promises: hxxp://support.eset.com/kb3330/?locale=en_US
  4. Unfortunately this is not a very good solution, as now everytime you start a full screen application (e.g. a game) you would have to manually activate the gamer mode.
  5. I wouldn't recommend to use a beta version on a productive system or a workstation. You can actually bypass the error reports by using a group policy of Windows (works only with Pro versions of Windows). In Local Group Policy Editor switch to Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Advanced Error Reporting Settings There just use the List of applications to be excluded template and add egui.exe to it. To clarify things: This is not a fix for the error caused by ESET, it will just no longer produce error reports for this specific error.​​ ​
  6. I have more information regarding this bug: ESET seems to launch the Gamer Mode when dragging a tab for several seconds, altough Microsoft Edge doesn't support full screen mode. That is also why this notification pops up.
  7. Hi, The attached image shows a strange bug caused by ESET Smart Security (8.0.319.1) on Windows 10 x64. When I'm using Microsoft Edge and there are several tabs open and I drag a tab from the top bar to the left to move it near another tab this exact warning shows up. Nothing else happens when I click on the warning. The bug reappears every time I move a tab to another position, which is very odd. Can someone reproduce and confirm this bug?
  8. Hi, I get the same error everytime I'm shutting down my computer, which is a little bit odd. Problem signature APPCRASH Application: egui.exe Faulting module: ToastNotify.dll​ App version: 8.0.319.0​ Exception code: c0000005 ​c0000005 is a memory access error, mostly caused by a programming error (or a RAM error, but my RAM is fine). So I think it is an error within the application that can only be fixed by the development team of ESET. ​
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