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  1. Hi, ESET Endpoint Security 6 I have problem with some old USB drives. When someone plug in USB the window appears but when opens explorer theres no files. The USB is seen under letter. On the computer with Eset Endpoint 5 is everything ok. I've tied to enable or disable Action to take after inserting removable media and changing types of Acction Does anyone have what may cause the problem ?
  2. Hi, Configuration: ERA 6 Client Eset Endpont 6 I have a problem with old USB devices. Someone plugin USB, after a moment the windows appears but when he enters the USB there's no files. When I plugin this USB drive to computer with Esset Endpoint 5 i don't have this problem. I tried to configure Action to take after inserting removable media and different types of acctions but without any result. and disable this option. Does anyone now what couse this problem ?
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