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  1. Yes. But your advice led me to the right answer. I remember that i turned off "Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing" option under Performance Options (since i don't like the effect). By turning this option back on, the animation appeared. How embarrassing. I have no idea why this option afflicts system tray icon animation either.
  2. If u go through "Advanced setup" > "Network protection" > "Firewall" > "Rules" it won't show you built-in (predefined) rules for the first time, because the filter itself is enabled. BUT, if you close all eset windows and reproduce the same procedure for the second time all built-in rules will be shown and the filter is disabled. If you hit the "reset window layout" option and then go check one more time all built-in rules become hidden as usual.
  3. i have all set to Private: windows settings, windows firewall and eset firewall. seems to be a bug. before i updated from 16.1 to 16.2 all was good. on 16.2 all incoming connections are blocked even if the network is set to private, u need to add a rule for each type of connections.
  4. in 16.1 version when your network is set to private (same as in windows) all incoming connections were allowed, unlike on public. in even due to the fact my network is set to private (trusted) eset firewall is still blocking all types of incoming connections, such as LPD printing service. u need to add a rule for those connections by unblocking them or doing it by yourself as well. is this how it is supposed to work by now or a bug? dunno
  5. @New_Style_xd i have a decent pc with a good peroformance overall. didn't notice since when i was starting to get this problem, but eset icon is always static for me while i'm scanning or updating.
  6. EIS I've noticed that while i was scanning my system an icon in the system tray didn't have an animation, it was static. This happens all the time to me. Uninstall didn't help, the problem still exists.
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