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  1. After further work on this I found that several pieces of software that I had installed before the upgrade to Win 10 were not compatible but I was not warned during the upgrade. I have now removed SQL Server 2008 R2 and replaced it with SQL Server 2012 (and also removed several other packages which I no longer need or use) and set some of the problem processes to "Delayed Start" (not eset). The PC is now booting ok and all processes start ok
  2. I believe this is a wider issue as on upgrading to Windows 10 I have found that numerous processes fail to start amongst them the Eset Remote Administrator Server of v5. However... The list of failed services includes Net Pipe and SQL Server so, whilst it is something that needs to be addressed from a security perspective, I do not believe it is a problem within Eset that is causing the issue
  3. I would strongly urge you to consider continuing with v5. I have tried to make v6 work on a simple network of machines and remain frustrated at its inconsistency and lack of access to configuration that I took for granted with v5 With the small network I have used the inbuilt update server on endpoint security and it may be this that is causing issues such as, right click scan menu intermittently not working, eset icon disappearing from hidden icons, unable to start eset display from the menus as it runs but never appears on the screen. A new version should at least be understandable to people that are experienced with the previous version but the increased security mandates at least 5 username and password combinations to implement it with remote admin and I do not understand the logic of requiring an apache install on pure windows installations. I see little benefit in pure browser based administration on a local network and presume that "someone" thought it would be a nice idea I had one area where v6 was better than v5 and that is the handling of secure web pages with insecure items on them. v5 on win 8.1 always gave eset certificate errors whereas v6 simply displayed an error message in that area of the page After trying v6, reverting to v5 and then trying v6 again I have now reverted to v5 and will remain there until I have some reason to believe that v6 will work more reliably/easily My biggest concern is whether to offer the product to any more clients as if v5 has a limited life then it would wrong to install them with this
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