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  1. MBAE noticeably slows down opening first instance of browsers (tested on Windows 10's Edge and IE).
  2. Thank you for your reply. Itman: The version of SEP I used was 12.1.5. I did not find any specific tool from Symantec to uninstall this version from Windows 10. Moreover, I ran the ESET tool again (in safe mode) and it showed that there is no antivirus in the system. Then I reinstalled ESS. Marcos: Renaming the files to what? Knowing that these files are ESET’s system files (NOD32) as I see in their properties window. Logically in my opinion, since this issue appears in ESET Smart Security not in NOD32 nor in SEP and Windows Defender, there is a problem in stopping an ESS service on Shut down/Restart/Sleep and this service is not included in NOD32. I am planning to reset (or reinstall) my system then reinstall ESS in clean system to avoid any possibilities of conflicting between ESS with a service, application, AV, deriver, or any unknown error occurred during the upgrade process. So, let us see what will happen. If I was the only one who experiences this problem, this will solve the problem, I think.
  3. ESET SS 9 on Windows 10 Pro: After installing ESS (free 30-day trial), sometimes (not every time), the computer Shut down, Restart and Sleep are very slow (take several minutes) and sometimes the system freezes. The last time when I want to put the system on Sleep mode my system froze - the screen is turned OFF but the system power, system fan and HDD led were still ON for along time (6 hours approx.). Knowing that, when I uninstall ESS, everything is working well with Windows Defender. In addition, I have tried the followings with no results and the issue still the same: - I uninstalled then reinstalled the ESS9. - I uninstalled ESS and previously installed UVs (Symantec EPP) manually using the ESET Uninstaller by following the steps provided by ESET (hxxp://support.eset.com/kb2289/#Windows10). Knowing that I had the same issue with ESS 8 on Windows 8.1 Pro before upgrading to Windows 10 and ESS 8 on Windows 10 Pro after upgrading. I have tested (ESET NOD32 9) on the same system for a short time, and it doesn't have this issue and worked smoothly. Thank you in advance.
  4. The question is: What does ESET-Firewall do over Windows-Firewall in security perspectives?
  5. Last time when I shut down my computer was around 6 AM. The computer screen turned off but the power and HDD (SSD) drive LEDs was still lighting until around 2 PM. Therefore, I pressed the power button for seconds to turn off my computer improperly. I think ESET is one of best computer security systems. However, for now, I have to uninstall the trial version from my computer and I shall use Windows Defender with Windows Firewall instead. I shall wait to the next release or version of ESET because this power-off may by crash my computer system and I have many works to do. I cannot complete the test. Please, accept my apologize.
  6. But I think your problem will be solved if you stopped startup scan in schedule tasks if there is a little bit delay (such as 5 to 10 seconds more than usual). I think this causes the delay and it is normal. Moreover, the startup scan is not important if your computer is clean. just run the smart scan for first time when you installed NOD32 and real-time protection manages the rest of time. But my issue on computer Shut down and Sleep, the delay is remarkably for a long time (measured in minutes) and sometimes It does not respond on sleep mode and I have to shut down my computer by pushing the power button for 5 seconds. this happens some times not always. knowing that my system's hard disk is SSD which should be much more faster in startup and shut down.
  7. I think this is because of Windows 10 Security. May be we have to change some configuration or we have to have newer version of the Process Monitor software. I am waiting for Marcos to replay what to do.
  8. I have downloaded the Process Monitor software in the link you sent, but, when I click on Enable Boot Logging menu item, an error message appears saying “Unable to write PROCMON23.SYS. Make sure that you have permission to write to the %%SystemRoot%%\System32\Driver directory.” Therefore, I could not complete the other steps. I put the “Procmon.exe” in the mentioned directory but the same message appeared. In addition, I tried to disable ESET SS 8 temporarily.Knowing that always I run it as Administrator from R-Click context menu. I have SQL Server 2014 Express Edition installed on my computer. I do not know if this makes the issues because I think ESET SS uses SQL Server as data storage.
  9. Windows 10 upgrade software (Get Windows 10) tells you if you have some software it does not support. I have SQL Server 2014 Express on my machine since before upgrading to Windows 10, on Windows 8.1. And still there and working fine. ESET Smart Security 8 supports windows 10. Moreover, I removed it from Windows 8.1 before upgrading to Windows 10. Then re-installed it on Windows 10. In both Windows Systems (8.1 and 10) I faced the same issues. But I think that this is normal during software development cycle if you are a developer as I guess because you SQL Server. Knowing that ESET SS 8 and NOD32 works fine and smoothly except in Shut down and Sleep modes, which sometimes the system does not respond. Also, it makes the system a little slow on both Startup and Shut down.
  10. Thank you for your reply. No, it is not the OS, because it was working normally and smoothly with Windows Defender, before installing ESET SS 8. In addition, I had the same issue in Windows 8.1 Pro before upgrading to Windows 10 Pro. Moreover, it slows down not just the computer Startup but also the computer Shut down and Sleep, and sometimes the system (Windows 10 Pro and Windows 8.1 Pro before upgrading) does not respond at all when it goes to shut down and sleep. I suspect this caused by SSD hard drive. I think ESET SS 8 does not like SSD.
  11. I have the same issue in cases of Windows 10 startup and Shutdown/Sleep. I have a PC with Intel Core i7 3.4GHz CPU, 8 GB memory (RAM) and 500GB SSD drive. I've upgraded it to Windows 10 Pro from Windows 8.1 Pro. After I installed ESET Smart Security 8.0.319.0 (30 day free trial) on this machine (Windows 10 Pro), it starts up and Shuts-down/Sleeps remarkably slower than before. And, sometimes, the computer does not responding for minutes when it goes to Sleep mode (either manually or automatically when it is left idle for long time) or when I click Shut down button on start menu. Sometimes, it does not resume at all from that states and I have to shut down the pc manually by pressing the power button for seconds. I'd faced the same issue with ESET SS 8 on windows 8.1 before upgrading. ​ Knowing that, I'd uninstalled ESET SS 8 from Windows 8.1 Pro before upgrading to Windows 10 Pro. Then I installed a new copy of ESET SS 8 (free trial) on Windows 10 after upgrading. ​
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