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  1. I'm with 13v now and I believe same thing happened when upgraded from 11 to 12. On a top of it.... I optimized about an hour ago and just couple of minutes ago it asked me to do it again.
  2. Every time new version of Eset is installed it asks me to optimize anti theft settings (i. e. creating phanton account) and it was done before already. Why is it? I'd think, it should be done once not to bug me about same thing after each update.
  3. Thank you. I just added an exception, went to the site and I don't see any ill behavior. MBAM and MBAM browser extension keep quiet.
  4. Thank you " probably an ad " Would it be dangerous for my computer to bypass Eset block since this is just some ad?
  5. Over last couple of weeks I can't access "https://www.limetorrents.info" due to Eset blocking it. This popup is pretty vague, so is it possible to get more info about possible infection?
  6. The above message has been bugging me on my Galaxy S8. I have Google Chrome installed but Eset doesn't seem to see it since it's displaying the above message. I'm not able to dismiss the above message either. What gives?
  7. I had very same issue yesterday after upgrading to Windows 10. Using ESET Endpoint Security. I had to access Command Prompt from Recovery Options to delete epfwwfp.sys driver. Then Windows booted just fine. Uninstalled Eset, installed the newest version and so far all is OK.
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