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  1. In my Company we have recently upgraded to ERA 6.x on an brand new Server. In the beginning everything was fine, but the trouble started with 2 Mac users whom suddenly was unable to browse with any browser Safari, Chrome, Firefox. User nr.1 We had originally installed Endpoint Security OS X 6.x but I thought is was the firewall causing problems, so we changed it to Endpoint Antivirus 6.x 1. time switch - no change - able to ping - but not browse. 2. after an clean install of Yosemite 10.10 we where able to get Endpoint Antivirus up and running - for a couple of days 3. yesterday though - the problem reoccured, but after a restart, the problem had wanted (for now) User nr.2 Is also on Yosemite We have been forced to downgrade to Nod32 4.x and this morning, the same thing happened to me, so I have myself downgraded to Nod32 4.x - now all is good, but it is not an solution. Please help to get this fixed
  2. Hi is there any update on this? - I and a couple of users in my my firm, are experience this problem
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