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  1. Then don't use a computer. Everyone is spied on and tracked  EULA or Not. The era of cell phones and tablets has invaded "real" computers. The only real way to get rid of this stuff is to not use any modern electronic device until the powers that be stop .




    Isn't that what a Firewall is supposed to do? Control traffic/access in and out of your devices. That is the point afterall. Threadjackers aside, Will ESS block Microsoft's backdoor?

  2. I care because I am a Windows user. Just because the other guys have them as well still doesn't make it right. I disagree with it all around from every tech company.


    "Trust us because we are Microsoft"? Not reassuring. What future are they covering themselves for that makes this OK? If they had no intention on using it they would not have put it inside of their Privacy Policy. Who puts, we reserve the right to steal all of your financial data and empty your bank accounts if we find that there is any money in there. No worries though, we will never do such a thing because we are Microsoft. 'wink'. Unless they were covering themselves for WHEN not IF they actually do it?


    As far as I am concerned it is the same thing. They have the potential to steal anything and get away with it. Any papers, patents, copyrights, or schematics you might be in the process of working on could be stolen and finished and registered before you get around to it. That's just the start. The access is two-way so placing illegal files on a 'Needs Work' journalists' computer in order to discredit them and get them fired is not impossible. I am sure that the NSA would pay them to do this to many people.


    Flat out. The only way to eliminate the possibility for this to go wong is to get rid it. My questions regarding ESS still have not been answered.

  3. I have a different problem regarding this. I always have PUA detection enabled, and when I try to install utorrent, eset detects as OpenCandy and cleans the installer, so I can safely install the program. But since last week, when I tried to update utorrent, I saw that Eset can no longer clean the utorrent installer. Instead, it automatically deletes and quarantines, so there is no way that I can install utorrent without installing open candy to my pc, unless I use a very old version from like 2011. Also, declining all offers while installing utorrent doesn't help as opencandy will install regardless. I was very happy with eset cleaning installers for me like utorrent and ccleaner. Now I don't know what happened actually. Eset WAS able to clean, now it cannot and quarantines the whole installer. It's like a step backwards... 

    Opencandy is the adware inside utorrent. It's definitely a PUA.

  4. Windows 10 comes with an insane service agreement that states;



    Finally, we will access, disclose and preserve personal data, including your content (such as the content of your emails, other private communications or files in private folders), when we have a good faith belief that doing so is necessary...


    Will Eset's firewall be able to prevent remote access by Microsoft and its 'technology partners'? Is Eset aware of any code or function made by Microsoft which can and will prevent 3rd party security vendors from thouroughly securing their computers?



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