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  1. IKTR, but the thing is when I asked/posted this here, there was no changelog listed available in the advance download page for this latest v13.2.18.0, the last changelog that was available on that time was for the earlier version Orelse, I wouln't asked /posted here. Thanks anyway.
  2. Today I got a new product update version from (July 2020) to Lookig for the changelog but found none over the internet & here, so creating this OP.
  3. As some are saying that they've got this update even in reguler channel so is this version pre-release or the stable version? Also any installer download link available yet with changelog?
  4. earlier version was giving me bsod in two of my system, one is having a 2nd gen intel i5 another one is having 3rd gen i5, I fully format those two system fully due to that & didn't install any eset & was waiting for new bugfix version, today I installed this new version normally, & didn't face any issue.
  5. yes, just installed & can confirm, the BSOD issue is fixed.
  6. is that released yet or not?
  7. okay, thanks @Marcos for confirming, BTW, is there any workaround available as of now to use the EIS bypassing that error /BSOD? I am not able to use te a/v and my system is exposed to the risk. And any perticuler ETA about the next version? First half of April or second half?
  8. why? this latest v13.1.16 of EIS is compatible with WIn10 v2004, also, I've installed this EIS v13.1.16 in other Win10 systems running on 2004 & in most of them, there is no issue at all.
  9. Hello, I'm getting BSOD immideately after upgrading/updating to this latest v13.1.16.0 in two of my systems, one is having a 2nd Gen i5 Intel cpu & the other one have 3rd gen intel i5 cpu. I am running Windows 10 v2004 build 19041.172, and here are the dumps links to download. Requesting any mod/dev here to kindly download & analyze & tell me what to do, and fix this ASAP as for the BSOD, am not able to install this A/V suite in my system & my systems are exposed to risk for more than a week.
  10. Hello, here is my memory dump, getting the same error code & BSOD since released, already I have to format & clean install my windows 2 times for this issue, not anymore, am reverting to the old version for now. if any solution is available or any uodated Eset product module is available let me know, never faced any system related crashing or any other serious issue like BSOD with ESET for last 10yrs in my experience, this is the first time that eset giving me trouble.
  11. see this, not yet released publicely, only as a programme update, hopefully soon.
  12. where's the dl link for Why it's not released for dl publicely?
  13. Is there any way to turn off the notification sound for ESET product completely? I searched the settings but didn't find any option so asking. EDIT: nevermind, found it.
  14. Version Fixed: After upgrade, "Modules update failed: Invalid digital signature" error Fixed: Desktop notifications are not displayed Fixed: Minor functional and localization bugs
  15. hello @Marcos did any updates released for this bug, & is this resolved yet, also, any ETA about the final build of ESET 12 coming, if you can share with us
  16. Wired. I've been using Chrome & ESET since the very beginning of each of these products & never seen this kind of incompatibility issue in between this, neither seen anyone to report such. Where can I report this to the ESET officials to fix this?
  17. Ok, business product. Anyway, what about any new version of home & consumer product of ESET / EIS? Do you have any ETA to share?
  18. Today, I noticed this for the first time while I open the google chrome. Any idea why this is showing & what I should do
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