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  1. Marcos: Here is the email I received this morning. If you'd like it in html format, I'll be happy to post that as well. Incidentally, it seems odd that the "Title" of the html document is "Clean email" Important Shipping Deadlines ALL bonsai tree orders from the West Coast (Up and down the coast) must be placed today before 1pm EST to ensure safe arrival before December 24th. If you've already placed an order with status "awaiting fulfilment", it will be shipping today (or tomorrow). The weather is cooperating, and 100% of our orders are shipping. Please bring your bonsai trees indoor, unpackage them, water them, and place them near a window with light. These are living plants. Happy Holidays! The 13 Best Selling Items #1 Chinese Elm #2 Gensing Ficus #3 Starter Kit #3 5Pc Tool Kit #6 DIY Willow Ficus #6 Hori Hori Knife #8 DIY Umbrella Kit #9 Terrariums #10 Cleaning Kit #11 Bonsai Pots #12 BioGold Fertilizer #13 Gift Cards Shop now (C) Copyright - Bonsai Outlet 2018 If you do not wish to receive any further email from us, please unsubscribe =
  2. I've deleted the email(s). The next time it appears, I'll post it here. It shouldn't be more than a couple days.
  3. This is NOT a critical issue at this time, but curiosity is killing me. I'm using Outlook 2010 as my email client and the latest version of ESET Smart Security. There is (at least) one email that continues to blow through my protection and into my inbox. I have blacklisted it in Outlook. I've blacklisted it in ESET. I repeatedly mark as SPAM in ESET. Any idea on how and why this email address keeps getting through unmolested?
  4. I "upgraded" from Windows 7. I have (had) ESET Smart Security 8.0.312 installed on the machine. I can now neither install or uninstall.
  5. The upgrade to Windows 10 has been complete hell so far. ESET's firewall will not load. I says ESET needs to be reinstalled due to probable corruption, yet I can't reinstall. I can't uninstall. I get a message saying "Service 'ESET Service' (ekrn) could not be stopped. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to stop system services." I can't kill the beast with Windows Task Manager. I have no firewall active. Help!
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