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  1. Hello I've also this issue. This is caused by incompatible version of the mysql libraries. Version 6.2.200 of Proxy/Server requires mysql 5.5. 5.6 is not compatible. Downgrading to 5.5 resolves this issue. I hope someone at Eset can see this topic in order to release a new version of Proxy/Server supporting 5.6.
  2. Hello, Thanks for your answer. Is there a list of known issues ?
  3. Hello, We have an issue with ERA 6 since the latest release (6.2) of the agent. Agent auto-wake up sleeping computer after a minute of sleeping mode, resulting in an infinite loop of wake-up/sleeping mode. You will find attached how I know it's agent's fault: Agent generate wake up timers every minutes... Versions : ESET Remote Administrator (Server), Version ESET Remote Agent, Version Thank you for your help, Best regards
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