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  1. Still getting this daily. Randomly. I confirmed we are updating directly from the ESET servers. HTTP Proxy logs indicate the fail (no file found on server) and success (no updates are available) logs are identical.
  2. Clients update from the LAN ESMC server. (mirror I guess?) 7.0.577 agent 7.0.2091 EEA ESET Security Management Center (Server), Version 7.0 (7.0.577.0) ESET Security Management Center (Web Console), Version 7.0 (7.0.429.0) Installed Components: Update module 1072 (20180813) Translation support module 1721 (20181211) Configuration module 1663.13 (20180709) SysInspector module 1274 (20180918) SSL module 1028 (20180626) Push Notification Service module 1048 (20180918) Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter (64-bit
  3. Starting on Jan 8th we've been getting "File not found on server" errors. for the Update module. Any ideas? Thanks sk
  4. I am having this exact same issue on Office 365 + ESET Endpoint AV 7.0.2073.1. We use modern authentication and outlook is prompting for password several times a day for no reason. closing and reopening outlook resolves the issue.
  5. There is nothing special about these 7 computers, they are all just giving the error "Failed to sync the package repository". All have the v7 agent, multiple reboots attempted. Any suggestions?
  6. I'm having an issue with Device Control on ESET Endpoint AV 6.6.2078.5 We have some external HDD's that are showing up as: Vendor: Western Digital , Model: External HDD , Serial number: 57442D575841304136489847393537 And we cannot get them to unblock.... which I am assuming is because the western digital includes 1 trailing space, and the External HDD includes 4 trailing spaces. The drive does work fine while device control is completely disabled. Thanks, sk
  7. Hello, I am running ERA 6.5.522 which deploys 6.5.522 agents... Are these both the latest versions? Thanks, sk
  8. For the last week or so, I've slowly been getting an increasing number the following update alerts: During execution of Update on the computer _____, the following warning occurred: Unauthorized access. and a much smaller number of: During execution of Update on the computer _____, the following warning occurred: Server not found. Is this a known issue, or could there be something wrong with my setup? (It has been working fine for months) ESET Remote Administrator (Server), Version ESET Remote Administrator (Web Console), Version Update module 1064 (2016
  9. Thanks, this turned out to be an issue with a proxy/firewall - just happened to start getting the error at the exact moment I upgraded to 6.3.
  10. We have the latest ERA. Attempting to go from ESET 6.2 to 6.3 We have it setup like this: An "all users" policy that gets applied to all computers, contains our large website blocklist (ex: facebook.com) We have certain people who are ALLOWED to go to facebook and we have set up a group called "socialusersgroup" that receives the "all users" policy that contains a block for facebook, but also contains another policy (socialpolicy) that overrides the all users policy and says that facebook.com is on the allow list. Hope you get what I mean, kind of hard to explain Thanks, sk
  11. I'm not sure if I'm having the same issue, but, web control is no longer working for us since 6.3. We have it setup to block/allow specific sites, and previously our allow lists would override our block list, but this functionality is no longer working in 6.3.
  12. jimwillsher: both mine and my "freezing" test computer have that update (KB2957189) installed, but my version is 6.1.7601.22648 and the test client is 6.1.7601.18327 Also, when I run "wmic qfe get hotfixid | find "KB2664888"" it does not find that this hotfix has been installed.
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