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  1. Ummm, that's not what your Customer Service told me a few days ago when I posted this. I was told by your online techs that MMS and Texts were covered under the Android Eset Security App for the $15 per year. I need you to please re-verify this information. I'm a little miffed off since due to the information I received prior to your reply here on the forum, I suggested to many people to purchase your app because it protects them. If this ends up not being true, I'm going to be contacting you and doing some yelling and expecting my friends and family members who signed up just because of this, to receive full refunds. it's too bad, this is the first thing that I have seen Eset not be able to provide security for. Also, from the online tech, they told me it was a Google exploit and that google is on top of it. Looking forward to your prompt and accurate follow up response and perhaps some details of why exactly your application, even with the LIVE GRID doesn't stop this.
  2. Are our phones protected from the most recent android text hack that affects 95% of all android phones? Here is a link to the article: hxxp://www.good4utah.com/story/d/story/android-phones-can-be-hacked-with-a-simple-text/31639/Cff8imlmvU2S4FA0lbAEfQ Please advise!
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