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  1. Did what you said and found following: if HIPS is set up to policy mode it does block the scanning on the Epson Printer thats how it was set up originally. if HIPS is set up to smart mode it works without any custom set up somehow interesting how these two set up work the log in policy mode shows that access to certain programs have been blocked
  2. after some trial and error solved the issue the culprit is HIPS now to the steps enter HIPS go to rule editor configure new rule give it a descriptive name select your file in this case the scanning app allow certain operation in Target Files, Target Applications, OK - it saves your new rule and everything works again like a charm easy to do when one know where to look and make changes annoying and frustrating when no info where to look
  3. Does not work, ESET has to be completely disabled so that the scanning software works from PC or from printer.
  4. I have an Epson Printer 4630 printer works over Wifi with no issues at all. Only the Scanning Software from Epson gives an error that it cannot establish communication with the printer. If I disable ESET it works. Uninstalled ESET and put in learning mode to no avail. ESET just does not like the Epson Scanning software. Interestingly I can scan with Photoshop - no errors at all. Epson scanning software has some feature to scan to cloud or email or to pc nothing work with scanning maybe someone has an idea how to solve this issue somhow its annoying to disable ESET to scan documents, may as well have no security at all.
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