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  1. @r1man I was on 19041.329 .. cause of the windows update error I downloaded the cumlative update to .330 that didnt work too, so I did upgrade to 19042.330 (Microsoft published it) @Peter Randziak here is the advanced diagnotstics protocol filter log: advanced_diag_logl.zip
  2. @itman so.. I can confirm a success Windows10 19041.330 and Windows 19042.330 If I disable the "protocol check" in eset, Windows10 Update works again !!! WindowsUpdate.log with the error:
  3. same problem here... windows 10 update stopped working. 0x80245006 windows10 2004 19041.329 tried everything, nothing helps must be an eset problem... attached the windows update log, there is a certificate error WindowsUpdate.log
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