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  1. That is interesting. I alerted the engineer that is assigned to my ticket for this issue and other that is being discussed in this forum, and they advise that they have not seen other occurrences of this issue.
  2. I am also in the process of updating, but have not looked into an AIO installer yet. I get a lot of "failed" when updating from ERA. I also have had a lot of failed tasks with the error "Task failed. Try installing manually". Additionally, I have an endpoint management tool, SCCM, that I would like to use to manage software and deploy updates from in a controlled manner.
  3. I would also like to confirm the issue you have been experiencing. I have been working with ESET support since May on the issue. Please open tickets as the more information they can gather should hopefully lead to a fix.
  4. Thanks for the information. I was planning on using the AIO to generate the Agent and Endpoint in one installer then use SCCM to deploy the package. In this scenario, would I need to include the license, or can I just do the installer?
  5. I would encourage anyone experiencing the issue to open a ticket with support. I was informed this was due to the fact that my "Domain Users" group was not being joined to the "staff" group that is built into OSX. The workaround suggested would be to script that as each user logs into the machine that their group membership would be modified to be joined to staff as their primary group.
  6. I am in progress of planning on upgrading my clients from ERA Agent 6.3 to 6.4 as well as Endpoint AV. The server has already been upgraded and has been successful. I am interested in using the all in one installer to create a package that should update both the agent and the endpoint av product. My question is will I need to deploy the license with this as well, or will the license retain from the product already being installed?
  7. If you are worried about exposing it to the world, have you considered accessing it through a VPN setup? Most organizations have some type of remote access configured, and if not, OpenVPN is rather simple to deploy and secure.
  8. Are you using active directory for sign in to your Macs?
  9. I have been provided a work around by the support team that appears to have resolved the issue. I am just waiting to determine if this is a temporary work around, or if ESET will be publishing a fix within the installer.
  10. Another one that I have brought up several times is reporting the public IP address. This is very useful to my organization to allow us to see where mobile devices are currently.
  11. I have an open ticket with support and have been providing logs to them. Currently waiting on further information.
  12. I would like to also find out if there is the ability to disable reverse DNS lookups. I would much rather use the hostname of the device.
  13. Well More importantly, how is this being corrected for the future? This is the second time in two weeks that a bad definition file has been released and has caused significant issues. In this case, users had an option to click a button to continue to the desired web page. Usually issues are not caused by a single failure and it's a chain of events that cause an issue in the end. While the former FP was caused by changes in an internal tool for pre-processing URLs, this time it was a false positive of a phishing database provider that also some other vendors use but made it to the update in error. We have taken measures to prevent FPs like that on popular domains. Well actually this was not the case. This false positive blocking https://login.microsoftonline.comprevented the proper use of our Microsoft Skype for Business client as it continuously prompted for a username and password and rejected any entry. Since this was not presented in a web browser, there was not option for the end user to override. The only work around was to disable protection or roll back updates.
  14. More importantly, how is this being corrected for the future? This is the second time in two weeks that a bad definition file has been released and has caused significant issues.
  15. I am not interested in the proxy. I have Mac clients that need to have a dual profile setup that is possible with the Windows versions of ESET but is not possible with Mac. For example, I need Macs to pull updates from an internal source while connected to our network but pull from ESET when away.
  16. Certainly. I used the mirror tool and was able to create the files to a folder in C:\inetput\wwwroot\mirror and did not specify parameters for what product to download since I have ESET4 and ESET 6 clients I thought I may soon point the 4 clients there at some point as well. I was not aware that I needed to specify down to the folder for ep6 in the policy and was instead just was just pointing it to the root of the update folder "eset_upd". For example I had hxxp://ipaddress:2221instead of hxxp://ipaddress:2221/ep6
  17. I am using ESET's mirror tool to distribute definitions to my local LAN, and the tool is downloading properly. However, I am not able to get a client to download from the location. I am using Server 2012R2 with IIS 8.5 over TCP/2221 and everything is working properly from this side and is open on the host firewall. On the client, I get an error stating that it is unable to connect. This is a standard Windows 8.1 running ESET Endpoint AV 6.3 However, I am able to access the file on the server through a web browser. So I know it isn't a firewall issue. Has anyone had any luck with this?
  18. Are you using Internet Explorer? If so, I think there is an issue with the site. When I was getting assistance from an ESET support rep, he wasn't able to get a piece of software downloaded from the site since I only had IE on the server VM.
  19. Hope they we able to resolve it. There are two main reasons this type of error: ERA server is not running: can be check in "Services" and possible failure reason can be found in ERA server trace.log Apache Tomcat hosting ERA Webconsole is not running properly: this may happen after java update - especially in case old java runtime environment is removed during update They were that day. But as I arrive back in the office today, I am having the same issue all over. This is twice in one week so I will have to take time out of my day as well as our Engineer's to get this fixed.
  20. Can any ESET representatives comment as to if a real mirror tool will be included in a future ESET Remote Admin release? When I say real mirror tool, I am wanting something to behave in the same manner and ease as the function did with ESET 4/5 console. I do not want a command line based that I have to create a scheduled task for and run Apache with. I do not want to run it from a endpoint. I want to check a box, enter the credentials I want, and a port number.
  21. I will say that I had the same issue yesterday. I restarted and the issue persisted. I ended up having to have ESET's escalation team repair my install on Windows 2012R2. They were unsure of the root cause and could only speculate that Windows updates was the issue.
  22. How long have you had the group sitting there? You will not see machines instantly. I found out the policy is evaluated on each client, and may take up to two check ins to the ERA server for you to see results.
  23. This was yet another great feature of ESET 4/5... You could have a mirror setup from your admin console, definitions downloaded, and policy updated to point to the location in less than 5 minutes. The hackery now you have to go through with the proxy server, or setting one of your endpoints to act as a mirror is way too over the top for such a simple task.
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