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  1. 1 minute ago, Marcos said:

    Version 8.1.2037 was released on Sept 21, ie. in less than a month. We are going to prepare a uPCU to this version soon.

    Thank you. So to confirm there will NOT be an PCU update to version 8.1.2031 that was released at the start of July?

  2. Good morning,

    I am trying to check on the PCU update status. I have a Windows 10 PC that has been running ESET Endpoint AV 8.0.2039.0 since about the day it was released.  The machine has a policy to allow automatic program updates, the EULA was accepted via the ESET protect console, and the machine is restarted at least once per week.  It doesn't seem to update past that point.  Versions of 8.1 have been around now for greater than two months which I believe was the delay that these updates would operate on.  

  3. 17 hours ago, Riadg said:

    If you mean as ping yes we can ping both ways from 192.x.x.x to 10.x.x.x. But we can check port 2222 if is open or not.

    If it is going to be an issue is there a way to allow these clients as an external clients to connect to era server ?

    If ping is correctly sending ICMP between the networks, it is likely not a routing issue.  I would check to make sure port 2222 (or whatever you configured) is allowed between the two networks and also on the host firewall for the ESET protect server.  A screenshot that Marcos requested will also help identify any potential issue. 

  4. 41 minutes ago, Riadg said:


    We have installed ERA server 8.0 in our network range 192.168.x.x which is working fine. We have another network connected via VPN with the range 10.0.x.x with ESET installed but these computers does not show in the panel. Is there a way that we can add them. They are not shown in lost and found nor in Rogue.

    Any suggestions

    Sounds like this may be an issue with a firewall somewhere in between or a routing issue.  I would check to make sure traffic is passing between the two networks. 

  5. 3 hours ago, Marcos said:

    Hotfixes are released on a per-need basis, typically in 2-month intervals. They do not bring any new features but address particular issues. They are so-called security and stability updates.

    On the contrary, V8.1 is not a hotfix; it's rather a feature update that brings also new features and improvements. Not everybody wants to upgrade to the latest version immediately. Therefore it makes sense to release security and stability updates independently from the feature updates.

    Updates can be installed fully automatically if an administrator enables application auto-update and then approves EULA in the ESET PROTECT console once a uPCU update is available.

    Can you provide documentation on how to approve the EULA via the console? I searched through the KB and couldn't find anything to show me where to look or what to do.

  6. I would download a fresh copy of the WAR file from ESET's website, move the era.bak and era.new folders to a 2nd location as a backup, then restart the Tomcat service.  That should re-create the ERA folders and restore access.  This should get you operational again unless you have a special distributed setup.  

  7. Yes, I can confirm this behavior on at least macOS Big Sur devices. I opened a ticket with support and was essentially told that ESET support for Big Sur is not fully available even though their public facing support page says it is fully supported minus the firewall and device control.  I was told full support is coming in March with a new version that I hope fixes this.  It is rather annoying to have to uninstall ESET to install critical OS patches. 

  8. 9 hours ago, Marcos said:

    Note that the message does not cause any pop-up notifications and does not draw users' attention until they open the main gui which is something that common users in companies should not do on a regular basis. 

    This is not accurate.  The current notification causes a Windows notification and alert sound upon logging into the machine which draws attention to the GUI.    

  9. On 10/7/2020 at 3:49 PM, Marcos said:

    There is no easy way to accomplish that and not without the help of technical support that would need to create and convey a special policy and a new Config Engine module.

    We'd like to understand what is the problem with the notification because it merely changes the protection status to yellow and no notification window pops up on the screen, ie. it should be unnoticed by users working on workstations.

    At least for me, the issue with the notification is causing me to receive un-necessary support tickets from my end-users thinking there is an issue with their computer when in fact there is nothing wrong.  

  10. On 10/6/2020 at 10:14 AM, Marcos said:

    It is an in-product message that could be configurable via the advanced setup but it's delivered via a module update, ie. the product is unaware of the message after installation. And upgrading to the latest version is quite urgent so admins should not hesitate with upgrade for long.

    Tomorrow we will be releasing a module that will remove the notification about outdated agent after upgrading it.  It will be removed with the next update attempt.

    That's not the point.  This was not well executed by ESET.  This message should have been displayed to the admins in the console and not on all endpoints without the ability to control it. 

  11. 3 hours ago, speakerbox said:

    Hi Marcos,

    Will ESET Endpoint Anti-Virus version 8 be out any time soon? 

    We are about to update 1000+ 7.2 clients to 7.3 to support the latest changes and stop our users calling us every minute about the warning but if V8 is around the corner should we hold off spending days rolling out 7.3 updates only to do it all again for V8?


    On a similar note, can I ask why there isn't a way to hide this message on the client via policy? There is an option to disable every other alert message on the client but this one.  In my environment, the end-users need to not worry about the agent/product being out of date as that is handled by IT.  We are actively working on it and don't need users calling and telling us.  

  12. 11 hours ago, Heath said:

    I realize this is a very old thread but I'm trying to research a fix for this...

    I have this same issue, but moving the license does NOT help in a situation where I want to have multiple users who can only see their 'home' folder group like I would like to have?

    Moving the license fixes the issue for the regional user login you move the license file to, but breaks it for all other regional users who are set to only see their own regional 'home' folder?

    Is there a way to have 1 ERA license file, distributed between many 'regional site admins' who should only have visibility of their own 'home' folder static group?

    The way that I have gotten around this is to make a "Shared Permissions" static group.  Then, give the permissions to both user groups that need to access the license.  

  13. 19 minutes ago, Peter Randziak said:

    It´s been some time, we were slowly teasing you about the upcoming version of ESET Remote Administrator.

    Under a completely new name (ESET Security Management Center) lies the next step in the ERA evolution. Version 7.

    And you now have the unique change to get your hands on it, before anybody else. We have achieved „GA readiness“, and our marketing teams are now getting ready for the release soon.

    But as we value you our active forum members, and your feedback we would like to give you access to this version in advance of the official release as result of our gratitude and appreciation.

    What you are going to get, is GA version of our product, tested, and approved for the release. There is a huge change log (that you will get once we approve you to see the dedicated section in the forum). You can use your existing licenses, to operate. Last but not least, you will be also able to upgrade your production environments to this version, as we will ship you a custom repository link, that will include the latest components for ESMC, upgrade configuration and also latest builds of the new Endpoint V7.

    If you are interested, and we bet you are, please let us know in the comments below!  

    PS: Please note, that we will not be providing access to anyone newly registered, and users with less than 5 relevant posts related to ERA usage in the past.

    Please include me!

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